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Blender: Intro to Rendering

In this blender video we will cover the basics of rendering within Blender.

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41 Responses to “Blender: Intro to Rendering”
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  2. Posts: 2
    Harish says:

    Hey, I really like your tutorials i just have one question. How do i render a animation as keyed footage to use in another video?

  3. Posts: 3
    KielCarlo says:

    Hi! how can i restore the default file when i first open the blender?

  4. Posts: 2
    jagdpanther says:

    i am having some problems with my output format(the select codec box does not appear when i set the output format to avi codec and press animation), also videos created in the avi raw format will not play in windows media player although i have played avi videos before(in windows media player) and they worked fine.

  5. Posts: 1
    mattcytec says:

    Following on from the materials tutorial, I have changed my material to a transpatent material, but every time i render the scene it resets my transparency alpha to 1. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Posts: 1
    Farzan says:

    Very helpful videos. Shortcuts and view control were the most useful to me. Thanks.

  7. Posts: 2
    Kiba says:

    I dont have the image button under render :( at the render options i have 3 button render, animation and play but neither one shows the cube just a gray background:( plz help

  8. Posts: 1
    matt says:

    I’m kinda so pissed, why there are no complete tutorials for someone like me? i found a lot of PDF tutorials but reading them needs a lot of time :(

  9. Posts: 1
    amy says:

    great tutorials, 6 & 7 are in the wrong order tho

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