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Blender: Intro to Modeling

Something we realized is though there are plenty of amazing video blender tutorials all over our site, there wasn’t a clearly defined starting point. As with anything there has to be a beginning or an initial handshake of “Hey, nice to meet you” to really get started on the right foot.

This is why we have created this dedicated “Getting Started with Blender” page to help break the ice and get introductions out of the way.

In this blender video we will cover the basics of modeling within Blender.

Craving more Blender?

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141 Responses to “Blender: Intro to Modeling”
  1. Posts: 1
    George Lowry says:

    I am an older Blender user (2.5) returning after a consider hiatus. In 2.5, when in edit mode and using the block, it selects all vertices within the box whether visible or not. Now, it only selects the visible vertices. surely you don’t have to rotate the object to select the vertices hidden by the ones that are visible (directly over and in line with). I am sure that there has been a change in the selection process of which I am not aware. I have not been able to find the answer in the manual. Thanks, Gboblow

    • Posts: 491
      Metalix says:

      In edit mode there is an option in the lower tool panel called “limit selection to visible”
      Turn this off, it was there in 2.5 but might have been off by default

  2. Posts: 1

    Can I buy/get a creature featured in Williamson’s tutorials? I would like to animate it myself.


  3. Posts: 1

    really great tutorial. But i have a question. If you have a mac what is the better way to desselect an object without using an external mouse?


  4. Posts: 2
    Alex Round says:

    I’m really happy that there’s a collection of well presented tutorials and guides for blender, but I’m finding it hard to make the jump between these basic’s tutorials and the others on the site.
    Does anyone know of a series of videos which bridge the gap between these and the more advanced tutorials?


    • Posts: 491
      Metalix says:

      The architecture course or the 2010 training series makes a great next step. In general all the courses and dvds here start right back at the basics.

  5. Posts: 1
    Hidayat says:

    hay, assalamualaikum……..
    i am a drafter n usually just use 2d for draw…….

    so what the blender can be suitable with aucocad???

  6. Posts: 1
    Ingtron says:

    Fantastic tutorials! I’m learning so much. Thanks!

  7. Posts: 1

    how do you download the videos everytime i do it i cnat find them on my computer

  8. Posts: 1
    julie says:

    The keyboard commands don’t work on my mac? Do you have mac specific tutorials

    • Posts: 4176

      Hi Julie,

      Blender uses the same hotkeys on all operating systems. What commands are not working for you?

  9. Posts: 2
    Angelina Lane says:

    When I am extruding it will only lock along the axis. I can’t get it to flow like it does on the video. Any ideals what I’ve done or am doing wrong?

    • Posts: 491
      Metalix says:

      Press g after extruding to break the lock, or you can press x,y or z to constrain to an axis

      • Posts: 2
        Angelina Lane says:

        Thank-you very much. I was reading all of the keyboard shortcuts and still couldn’t find the answer.

  10. Posts: 1
    Happy Singh says:

    I hit 7 and it just deletes the square???

    • Posts: 4176

      Actually you’re just moving to layer 7, not deleting anything. If you press “1” you’ll go back to layer 1. Or you can press “`” to toggle all layers.

  11. Posts: 2
    Sted Christenson says:

    Hi, great tutorial so far but when I go into edit mode I can’t select individual vertices. All that happens is that bull’s eye thing goes to where I click. Any help?

      • Posts: 2
        Sted Christenson says:

        Ah ha! Thanks, for some reason I didn’t think to do that even though I thought I was following the tutorial correctly.

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