Creature Head Retopology and Normal Mapping

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial learn how to retopologize a high-resolution, sculpted creature head to create a low-resolution version that is suitable for rendering and/or a realtime envrionment.

You will also learn how to bake out a normal map from the high-resolution model to the low-resolution.

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70 Responses to “Creature Head Retopology and Normal Mapping”
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    Hi Jonathan,

    Like always … nice TUT! It works fine by me, but my mesh is bad visual (it is for the most part inside the mesh hidden and only the point stikking out) so it is hard to see the faces. I work in 2.69.
    Did I miss something?

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      richard w says:

      Sorry for the slow reply Michael. If you’re still having problems, then could you link to an image showing what, exactly, is going wrong? You could also send a support ticket to support[at] with the .blend attached (8MB size limit for attachments. I recommend compressing to .7z if you have trouble sending the file.)

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    that addon doesnt seem to want to install for me. selecting install file, and the zipped addon and nothing shows up. there is another one called draw mesh through sensei format, but in order for me to make that one work, i need to figure out how to add it in keymapping OR use the guy’s theme which remaps stuff, gets rid of circle select and in general does a bunch of stuff that i am too new to want to do yet, since i think it might make following tutorials much harder. so i picked up polystrips and your addon but those cause some hellacious lag when i use polystrips in particular. i know its still in beta, and i have emailed support. hoping for some help making polystrips work. or maybe im too far in over my head!

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    wow very nice tutorial! It would be useful if i use normal map after retopologize mesh.. thanks!

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    haziqbulat says:

    Hi all,

    Btw,Im using Blender 2.71 and i dont know where is surface sketching?

    Can somebody help..PLZ

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