Using the Human Meta-Rig

In this Blender 2.53 video tutorial, I show you how to add the Human Meta-Rig, and set it up with constraints and such for easier and faster rig creation.

I also will walk you through how to recover your project files from a crash. My project crashes halfway into the video, so you will get to see this first hand. :)

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80 Responses to “Using the Human Meta-Rig”
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    Cyndee says:

    How do you scale the rig in 2.56?

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      marx hert hemsley says:

      Hi cyndee, in edit mode, with the rig select, press ctrl+alt+s. Blend for life.

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    Chago says:

    Could i have this to specific model to download?
    because my blender is an updated version and the mesh is different so it doesnt work when i try to rig it like you did.
    i think mine is 2.59 or something =/

    i just need a rigged body to animate with

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      Mark Keeler says:

      I ran into somewhat of similar problem, I’m running 2.6 and the default rig seemed very different from the tut, some parts were easier to follow like the hands, but the feet, hip/spine were so different I end up stuck there.

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    how you clicked on to change from side to side in minute 4:42 to 4:45? buttons you pressed?

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    Mark Keeler says:

    David, I was okay until you got to the hips -and I’m using 2.6 so even the rig is quite a bit different. I like what you did with the hip to make it swing – but got utterly lost once you started moving the extra bone into place.

    Under 2.6 I have one bone called spine at the end of spinal chain. Can I duplicate that to achieve the same effect. And ultimately, how do i get it to pivot from the opposite end (was the Flip Direction command used earlier.

    Great Tut, just confused 😉


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      sotish says:

      I ran into this issue as well. I’m using 2.66 and what worked for me is:

      1) Tab to enter edit mode.
      2) Select the Spine bone and Shift-D to duplicate it. We’ll call this S2.
      3) Ctrl-Alt-S to scale S2 larger as in the video.
      4) Select the tail of the hips bone then Shift-S -> Cursor to Selection
      5) Select the tail of S2 then Shift-S -> Selection to Cursor
      6) Repeat 4 & 5 for the head of the bones
      7) Select S2 and Alt-F to flip its direction
      8) Now that our S2 bone is aligned with the hips bone select the hips bone then Shift select the S2 bone and finally Ctrl-P assign hips as the parent to S2.

      Hopefully that helps make this great tutorial a little easier with the 2.6 meta-rig.

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    very helpful!
    but i have a problem. when i attach it by armature deform, multiple parts start to rip off. like, when i move the fingers, his nose comes off!
    what should i do?

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      Tijmen says:

      You’ll have to wait paint your model. Go to pose mode, then right click the model itself and go to weight paint mode. There you can ‘paint’ which vertices are affected by which vertices.
      Another option is to remove all vertices, save the ones you want to, from the vertex group that is created for each bone when you apply it to the model.

      Have fun with that ^_^

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    This metarig Mod by David Ward I used to rig my model. It’s a great starting point and I had to adjust just a few things to line it up with my model. I took great care in my model to conform to anatomic proportions, which means that metarig also conforms to these. One exception: the fingers are way too long. Still there are some issues with this mod by David. To name one: the mod of 1 bone to multisegmented bones may look great in the bare rig. But after binding it to a model may give problems. See my uploaded image. I restored the single segmented bones. There are other issues, but I leave those for another time. Constructive comments appreciated.

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    Ivan says:

    Well I have blender 2.59! Your out of date david!
    : P

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    Michael Rath says:

    Thanks a lot for the hard work. Even the older info helps with the new Blender versions and educating newbs like me. You are a good teacher and explainer. I like that you actually find the mistakes and finer points and make them clear as to how to correct. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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    Hi, I got a big problem. I have a rigged character without cloth and now I want to add cloth but when I do add the cloth with automatic weights it dosn’t work so good because when I rotate the arms or spine etc the skin and the cloth goes through each other how do I prevent this from happining? Is there any good whay to fix this or do I have to apply the cloth to th mesh and re-rigg everything? or do I need to delete the skin underneth?

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    terrymorgan says:

    Is the human meta rig broken? I’ve looked for it in 2.56 58 63 and 64 for
    ‘rigify’ but it not there.

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    Grim says:

    Just wanted to mention that this no longer works with the 2.64 rigify rig. The bone setup is different now and the IK setup on the leg causes intense spasms.

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    can someone point me to a tutorial on how to import actions from blendswap to another rig?

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