Tip: Toon Shader

In this Blender video tutorial, I show you how to set up the “Toon” shader, and use the Edge settings to create a nice 2D cel-shaded look to your 3D models.

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16 Responses to “Tip: Toon Shader”
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    Ask and ye shall receive. This cleared up a couple steps that I had missed from other “tutorials”. (Now if you could toss in one about Freestyle… :)

    Again. Thank YOU!

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    Claus says:

    Great again, David. It would have been cool if you just talked about all the different shaders and about how they work, what they do and what they are best for. :)

    ps I saw you have color management set. What exact advantage does this have? For me, it only brightens every colour up, in the render and in Blender self.


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    Cool, i was just looking for such tip. Thanks very much (clear and very useful) !
    David, do you think it would be possible to set different values of the threshold for different objects in the scene (i found the result quite weird when i have close and farthest objects) ?

    thanks again,

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    I’d have to agree with Claus, is there anywhere that someone has found a comprehensive description of shaders and their best uses?

    great tip David, thanks again!

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    toxicvnm says:

    Man you guys are awesome I’ve been looking for a good cel shading tutorial for the longest keep up the great work.

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    OpenSourcery says:

    For those who are wanting a comparison of the different shaders, RH2 has created an image a few months ago with a sphere rendered in each of the shaders. This should give some help seeing how each affects the render.

    The link is: http://www.epicarea.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/shadersTest.jpg

    Hope this can help y’all some.

    P.S. Keep up the great work guys, y’all have created a great resource for the blender community.

    P.P.S. Hope RH2 doesn’t mind some free advertising :)

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    Pewpewpewkerplowey says:

    Hot Stuff! I’ve been looking for a comprehensible cell-shading tutorial for ages! Your website is the best! Keep it up!

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    bob says:

    You can also get a toon shading effect using the default Lambert shader. You click the “ramp” box and use the color ramp for picking the colors you want for the highlight, shadow and midtones. Then you move the points on the ramp to adjust the hardness of the transition of each color.

    Good video, this info can be helpful in many different types of effects. Thanks.

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    Peco1231 says:

    How can you have ToonShading in the game engine?

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    prosperous says:

    thanks a lot, but please don’t use monkey heads in tutorials!

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    AJ says:

    I have a question, can I apply the toon shader effect (esp. the edge in the post-processing) with the texture when I bake my object? I tried it before and I can’t bake the edge with the texture, did I miss doing something? And is it possible to export this edge effect to fbx? Thanks :)

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      Metalix says:

      Hi John
      Being a quick tip there is no source files for this tutorial.
      What part are you having trouble with?

      – Alex

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    kalmaro says:

    Been hunting around for something like this online after seeing video but I’ve had no luck. Just can’t figure out how to do this with new node system :(

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