Tip: Zooming to the Mouse Cursor

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip we demonstrate how by changing a couple settings in the User Preferences you can dramatically increase the accuracy and ease of manipulating your object in the viewport.

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11 Responses to “Tip: Zooming to the Mouse Cursor”
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    You can also use Numpad “.” to zoom to and orbit around selected.

  2. Posts: 42

    You can also use Numpad “.” to zoom to and orbit around selected.

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    Dayanto says:

    I feel kind of restricted with the “rotate around selected” turned on, so I’ll probably just do like AlexanderL.

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    @Omar_Ramirez says:

    Great to know this.

    When I was first starting my CG education I used a program called Animartion Master. that rotated around the selection. I always found that quite useful.

    That zooming to the pointer seems great too. That one thing is the one only thing I like about Corel Draw.

    Anyway, great tip!

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    Moolah says:

    I used “rotation around selected” in DS Catia – the very helpful feature. And it’s “zooming to element” system is pretty close to Blender’s “.” hotkey. But Catia has a differense – there you control not only “zoom to element” but exactly how close it will be zoomed after some keys and mouse click combination. I dragged a small rectangle and Catia zoomed and centered all selected elements to the rectangle’s size. It’s very fast and handy! I wish to see this feature in Blender too :)

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    Robo3Dguy says:

    Thank you for the useful tip!

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    Trond says:

    Thanks, that was a good tip!

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    dannykneip says:

    slightly off topic, but happy fourth of july, blender cookie! :)

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    hetors says:

    You save my life.

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    dsavi says:

    I’m not sure why this required a nearly three minute video tutorial, this could be explained in three images really.

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    Lewk says:

    You know, funny enough, i have gone through sooo many of your tutorials without doing this, and wondering the whole time why my zoom/rotate functionality was different^^

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