Tip: Toggle Quadview

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip we show you how to help maximize screen real-estate with the “Toggle Quadview” function. This feature enables you to split your viewport in four without creating multiple views.

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18 Responses to “Tip: Toggle Quadview”
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    Animaticoide says:

    Good tip. I had tried this toggle Quad view, but I hadn’t played with those three options lock,box and clip. Great Tutorial.

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    Klesus says:

    What’s with the zooming? I think zooming in the video can help emphasize things you want to explain in detail, but as it is now, it makes it worse because the video doesn’t follow what you are talking about :(

    Anyways, good tip nonetheless

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    Whimsy Collective says:

    Digicel RISING ST*RS at the emd of the tip. Is that meant to be there?

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    kram1032 says:

    nice but the zooming is incredibly distracting, especially when you do something somewhere and the zoom stays put.
    Sometimes it actually seemed to me that you didn’t want to zoom in but did that by accident…

  5. Posts: 5
    Dayanto says:

    I wish the big commersional programs were as customizable as Blender. =(

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    Jernej Beg says:

    good tut….are u planning to make any tutorials about a decent house moddeling, like the one you unwrapped?

    • Posts: 4176

      A building modeling tutorial is on the tentative to-do list but there is no set date for it, currently.


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    My apologies for the zooms and pans on the video. These were mistakenly added by Camtasia. I am uploading a new video at this moment which will be online shortly. Thank you for the patience and support!


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    Chaorain says:

    Clip will also only have objects visible on all 3 windows(excluding the top right) be visible.In other words you move an object off one of the views it disappears from the other two even if it should still be visable.

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    codexus says:

    Blender finally gets a real quad view, this is great! The clip option also seems quite useful!

  11. Posts: 1
    Phil says:

    That’s a huge feature, it’s awesome to see the UI starting to get a little closer to as nice as LightWave’s is.

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    BKdeveloper says:

    Good tips, be some changes of basic interface from 2.49 and things like this help transfer over.


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    Dano says:

    2 Questions:
    1) Is there a way to bind a key sequence to Quad View?
    2) How did do you merge the views? or close out a View Port? You must be using some magical key/mouse button combo that wasn’t mentioned?

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    mariage says:

    Some really nice and useful info on this site, besides I think the layout has got wonderful features.

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    Is it possible to maximize desired viewport when quadview is active? Ctrl+up arrow doesn’t work right with quad view mode.


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