Sculpting a Rock Face in Blender by Sketching

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we do some fairly intensive sculpting on creating a rock face. This tutorial makes use of a technique very similar to sketching by layering large numbers of stroke over one another to automatically create much of the detail.

All references are licensed under Creative Commons and can be here at the below links or in the included references folder:


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40 Responses to “Sculpting a Rock Face in Blender by Sketching”
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    DigiDio says:

    Super Tutorial,

    Now I am teaching. BUT don’t stop with it again doing only the modelling, go deeper. Do the other stuff like; Bump, Spec, norm, composite the things to the end :). That’s teaching. It stops after modelling. Can you do that. I am also waiting on that Porsche tutorial, it ends somewhere with modelling number 8, but still waiting on texturing the car with all the needed steps. !!!!! :))

    Thanks for your great work

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    gibson543 says:

    Awesome video. Very helpful for environments :)

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    Micah Lewis says:

    If watch his RAM in the top right corner of his screen, when subdivided it the sixth time, his ram jumped up to 155.46MB. He’s got a good computer. As far as the sculpting he is extremely good at it. (Having a pen pad helps). But I wish you make another tutorial on how to texture it with texture mapping, to increase the detail.

    Micah Lewis

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    Stephen Ashby says:

    I don’t know how you do it, but every new tutorial that you do is stock full of little tricks that I didn’t know existed. Thanks! I love it!

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    Philippe M. says:

    wow…i definitely have to try that, like, soon!

    awesome tutorial, Jonathan, as usual 😀 and i don’t mind your rambling, btw, it’s often interesting :)

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    tjb0607 says:

    Nice, now all I need is a new processor and graphics card. 😛

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    Oooo man you talk a lot. Nothing wrong about that but I’ve seen many video tutorials from you and from other peoples and you talk really much. The great thing about that is you offer really much extra-information in just one simple video and sometimes about things that has nothing to do with the video’s theme.

    Can this, so intense deformed plane, be baked as a normal map on a duplicated one with no multires(or very lowres) on it? I mean if the difference between the 2 planes is too big, wont be any problems when baking like very high parts in the sculpted version (compared to the lowres one) not visible in normal map or stuff like that? I hope you understand what I mean(not to good at English). I’ve seen something in games using some techniques like that and for my general knowledge would be great to find out.

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      Haha, I’m glad you don’t mind me talking so much!

      For the lowpoly model it would be necessary to create one that roughly emulates the shape of the high resolution model. Other wise your normal map will have difficulties baking correctly.


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      Hey Frans, so sorry for the late reply.

      I use both a small Wacom Intuous 4 and a Wacom Cintiq HD 13″. The intuous stays in my backpack so that I can use it when traveling.

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    LydayTraini says:

    Who and where to edit this summer on festival, slice your information.

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    tantrumus says:

    I was wondering if there were any tutorials planned on making low-poly versions of things like this for game devs. Cliffs, Rock faces, stones, etc. I loved the high-poly to low-poly stone tutorial that was awesome. I’ve only been using Blender a couple months and this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks!

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      Hey tantrumus, there are no immediate plans, but it is a good suggestion! Thanks. We’ll keep it in mind. We would love to renew some focus on the game asset pipeline.

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