Tip: Optimizing Blender 2.5 UI Interaction

In this quick tip, we’ll take a look at probably one of the most important settings to control the smoothness of Blender’s UI interaction, the Window Draw Method.

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    Matt says:

    Triple buffer is the most efficient option to use, and most modern graphics cards/drivers should support it pretty well. Unfortunately though the openGL driver situation out there is not too good.

    It would help a lot if we could collect some data on which combination of OS/graphics card/driver versions work best with what settings, so that the Automatic option could be improved. This is brecht’s area, but he’s been busy with durian lately and hasn’t been able to spent any time on this, but it would be good to have the info available in any case. Even better if a coder with such an underperforming card could investigate to see if there are any workarounds to keep triple buffer, too.

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    Peter Draculic says:

    ..very useful tip indeed!…I had no idea about that crucial option there before!…just for sanity’s sake,I’d kindly recommend to anyone to watch this “life savior”-tip…once more, you CG Cookie guys rock!…:)

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    Tekergo says:

    Thank You! The 2.5 with overlap is faster then before, but not as fast as 2.49. I hope, the 2.6 will be good.

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    PLyczkowski says:

    Olive XP? Really?

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    John says:

    I wish I could watch on my iPad.

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    Philippe M. says:

    pretty cool 😀 BlenderCookie’s tutorials and videos are always awesome 😀

    just a quick question – I’ve tried readjusting those settings before in order to fix this problem:


    however, nothing seems to work. the text glitch happens every time Blender creates an external window, such as a Render window. I’m running Windows Vista, 32bit, with an Intel video card…oh, wait, I found some of my computer data:

    “Windows Vista 32bit, 3GB RAM, 1.8GHz, 358MB Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family graphics card”

    would you have any suggestions? i think it has to do with the graphics card…and I tried updating it, it didn’t change much (the computer i’m on right now has an Nvidia card, and it works fine)

    thanks! 😀

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    xerowolf says:

    As always very useful and handy info but I had to figure out that one on my own the hard way.
    Triple buffer was well on my desktop which has a Gefore 8800 GT card. However using that option on my laptop(which has on-board Intel graphics) makes Blender run very slow so I’ve had to use Overlap.

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    iklsr says:

    great!! tip… am souped up at triple buffer :):):)

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    Mattb says:

    Is this specific to Windows? I have no trouble with this in linux.

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    shadowphile says:

    For those looking for a more focused geek session, follow my method below.

    1) Turn this setting ON -> User Preferences/Interface/Playback FPS
    2) Pick a range like 60 frames and keyframe a random motion of the default cube AND the camaera.
    It also helps to UV map an image to the cube.
    3) On the render panel, (Properties window), set the FPS to 120. (setting below that should be at 1.0)
    4) Ctrl-numpad zero to set viewport to camera-view.
    5) Open the user prefs in a separate window, move out of the way and go to the System page.
    6) Set viewport to textured display mode. (shading in the N side-panel should be not be set to GLS
    7) Start playback (alt-a)
    8) Watch the frame rate whilst changing stuff. Start with the Window Draw Method.

    Some interesting observations:
    (on my particular system anyway, a moderately fast Nvidia 9600 GT on Win Quad Core Intel:)

    -Full is definitely the slowest because it updates EVERYTHING; you will see animated parameters changing madly.
    All the other settings seem to operate about as fast as possible.
    -Blender won’t play faster than about 60 fps. Don’t know why. (I even turned off my graphics card v.sync )
    -In Full draw mode, you can close the viewport side panels and it speeds up. You can close all the little properties panels or delete it and it speeds up. You can go into full-screen window mode and it speeds up.
    In other words, if you HAVE to use Full mode, make as many other windows/panels invisible as possible.
    (try ripping a new viewport window using shift-drag on the window corner control, then collapsing the main program. Shrink the new window as needed, that will speed it up too.

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    Grafik says:

    hi buddy… i just wanted to say that my firefox is freezing when I click on the pics… are you using some js or something?

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