Feature Preview: GSOC Sculpt

In this Blender 2.5 feature preview video we take a look at some of the oncoming development that has come about via the GSOC. This time, we are examining several new sculpting brushes that have been added and the new very cool, Unlimited Clay option.

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23 Responses to “Feature Preview: GSOC Sculpt”
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    Mike says:

    Great Video!

    I really like the scrape brush myself :)

    I think the contrast brush might be used also with eyebrows? maybe..

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    sergof says:

    Hey Jonathan, I noticed that your brush cursor is lagging behind your mouse cursor quite a bit. Maybe you should try different Window Draw Methods in the System tab of the user preferences. I found that Automatic doesn’t always select the most suitable option on some machines.

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    The developer you’re thinking of is ‘farsthary’ from Cuba. Or his really cool real name, Raul Fernandez Hernandez 😛 he got a lot of cool things in the pipeline for blender, a true firesoul. I recommend to donate money.

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    ridgerunner says:

    100% absolutely ingenious
    thr ref to sculptris was abit much since it doesnt work correctly in windows7 or even vista but giving the fact that its free and open souce gives major points
    only 2 questions what version of blender was used
    and i have downloaded tools for 2.51 that were suspect at best will it work and is it clean
    Mr. Williamson you know that i have mad respect for you but plugins are always suspect
    look at DAZ and poser 2 trash progs that rule the 3d world

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      How do you change your brush size and strength like that? Where the black circle comes up?

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        You may adjust the size of your brush by pressing F and the strength by pressing Shift + F.


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      NinthJake says:

      I have Sculptris on my Win7 and it works perfectly. I see that it has influenced the 3D world greatly during this past time ;P

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      T Boon Pickens says:

      Sculptris is not open source.

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    Ryan says:

    I think the contrast option could be used for things like wrinkles

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    JB says:

    I can’t use the Shift and/or alt option keys to rotate or move on my Mac OSX is there a setting I need to turn on???

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        JB says:

        Thank you…. =)
        Any Change of a Bake Tut coming soon…

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    c001os says:

    Nicu tutorial again! Thanx

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    Timo Rychert says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

    Although it’s not really a tutorial video I think videos like this one are really useful actually. That way users get informed pretty well about new feature, know what they are about and how to use them.
    Would be really happy to see more of these “Upcoming Feature Videos” in the future!

    Thanks again!


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    tmcthree says:

    ok this might be a bit controversial but, I don’t like unlimited clay. There I’ve said it.

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      I don’t know that it’s so controversial. Unlimited Clay is certainly a feature that leaves a wide open door for abuse but is potentially very cool. You just have to be sure to use it carefully. Chances are, it will become continually less risky as the development progresses.


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        TheLorax says:

        Totally OT but…

        Saw this on Amazon for release this month, is it still happening???

        Character Development in Blender 2.5 Author: Williamson


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        This is indeed still happening!

        Currently the publish date is set sometime around mid-late October. I will be sure to update everyone when I have more details and am further along in the writing.


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    Thomas says:

    As far as Unlimited clay goes, Farsthary has only been working on it for a week or two. He’s really only been working on the background of it, and will fix up the ui end of things last. It’ll be a lot more stable and useful when it’s finished. Sure, you don’t end up with good topology, but that’s what the retopo tool is for. It’s really quite useful, and increases the speed a lot. Apart from that, all this work on the sculpt code is quite exciting. Blender might not end up as fast as z-brush, but having a tool this powerful inside of software that can already do so much will be fantastic.

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    ??? says:

    what exactly don’t you like?
    whats wrong with unlimited clay?

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    Nathaniel de Bell says:

    A feature which would push Blender’s sculpt mode to a whole new level would be a masking tool.

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    mark says:

    i tried to sculpt in my mesh,, i have mirror, subsurf and i applied mulires modifier in it,, when i tried to sculp there are terrible happen. the mesh gets cut into half, i mean the mirror modifier has been outplace.why is that??? help plss. i experienced it too in 2.49..

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    Gus says:

    Hi. I recently downloaded BLender 2.5 alpha 2 version. Apparently, I don’t have the new brushes(fill, contrast and unlimited clay brushes), and also the render only option in the Properties panel. Is there a more recent version than mine?

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