Top 10 Cookies Served

Our education library is starting to buckle at the seams in a good way, and this gave us some time to reflect on our most popular posts since the launch of this site complements from Google analytics and you. We were actually pretty surprised who came in as the top dog, but all of these have been some great ones that have touch on subjects that were well received/craved by the community.

But I think the real winner is the Wooden Barrel, as this is the oldest of all of them listed and was recorded back on 2.49. So three cheers for wooden barrels! 😉

Top 10 Education Lessons on Blender Cookie since our birth. *(stats are in views)


Modeling a Porsche Part 01 (31k)


Creating a Wooden Barrel (26.2k)


Creating an eye-ball (23.9k)


Box Modeling an Alien (23.3k)


Creating a Face Rig (21.1k)


Intro-to-Animation Foundations (20.1k)


Rigging an Alien (18.8k)


Creating an urban stair way (17.1k)


Topology overview of the head (16.2k)


Rigging a pupil for Dilation (16.1k)

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7 Responses to “Top 10 Cookies Served”
  1. Posts: 12

    Interesting to see what others are upto. I have watched most of these, oddly enough not the barrel (yet).

    I am a fan of the head topology, particulally as you can see it in work with the female head tutorial series that Jonathan is working through at the moment.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Posts: 174
    dannykneip says:

    first time poster, long time enjoyer of the tuts, i have also watched all of these except the barrels tut. i think i got a free download of the barrel so i didn’t care if i knew how to model it or not! 😀 but maybe for my birthday i’ll watch it!

    thanks again to dave ward and jon willimason for their great work! i would literally be lost on blender without these two guys!

    my best

  3. Posts: 38

    Yeah the pupil rigging tutorial was very helpful for rigging my Wall E :) Thanks guys

    But whats up with the Porsche? when does the next part comes out?

    • Posts: 564
      Wes Burke says:

      We have it on the calendar – and it should be soon – week-sh if all goes well in the world. 😉

  4. Posts: 12
    holly says:

    I’m really hoping to get to the car tutorial right now, but I’m working on the game engine at the moment… it’s crazy fun.

  5. Posts: 17
    Matt Lind says:

    Finishing up the car would make my day, I’ve done a whole new car and I’m itching to texture it. I’m even (sort of) tackling putting an interior in my hot rod, and the back seat came pretty well, but I’m going to have trouble with all the devices and such of the front seat. Anyways….

  6. Posts: 8
    gibson543 says:

    I have to say I watched the alien video around five times because it was just so helpful to learn box modeling. But really, all of those tutorials listed are fantastic and deserve to be on the list. Great job guys :)

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