How To Create Custom Hot-keys for Mesh Selection Modes

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we go through the steps needed to create custom keyboard shortcuts for changing mesh selection modes (vertex, edge, face).

This allows you to very quickly switch between modes by simply pressing 1,2,3 on your keyboard.

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43 Responses to “How To Create Custom Hot-keys for Mesh Selection Modes”
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    Dealga McArdle says:

    For the record, after hitting ctrl+tab if you hover over one of the options (Vert, Edge, Face) the “set a context value” string pops up on the screen, in windows you can copy this string to the buffer by doing cltr+c (if it is still on the screen), open notepad and paste it. Then you can paste parts of the string from notepad to blender; this saves typing and making mistakes.

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      That’s amazing, Dealga. You, sir or madame (sorry, not familiar with the name) are my hero.

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      Moolah says:

      Simple but the great tip!

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    Danny says:

    Hi! Great tip!

    Running 2.53 now and if I ctrl-tab to get the menu then right klick I have the option to
    add a shortcut. However, it seems to me a bit buggy since all three options will inherit the same
    shortcut key. It is possbile to get different keys but it’s very sporadic.

    Regarding copy paste, with the RMB one could select “View Docs” which displays the notes for all
    commands in that menu (I think). Just grab right part of it and paste.

    But anyway, is this a new feature, to be able to RMB and remap directly? Can anyone confirm bug?

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      Danny says:

      …and the next time I will watch the entire tip before testing and coming up with unnecessary questions. Sorry.

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    Moolah says:

    Little changes after renaming some paths (I think it’s undocumented yet):

    “tool_settings.mesh_selection_mode” now is “tool_settings.mesh_select_mode”.

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    Hank Azaria says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial. I have one question: is it necessary to click the ‘save as default’ button at the bottom of the User Preferences window after making the changes? Will the new hot key assignments still work without saving?

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    pixelman says:

    You have to Save Defaults, Vadavaro. But when I do this in 2.59 r39307, it only saves the first one. The “False, True, False” and “False, False, True” of the 2 and 3 do not save.

    Also, does anyone know how to set a hotkey to go directly to certain Properties panels (Render, Object, Object Data, Material, etc)?

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    ivanrd says:

    to save 2 and 3 just after those click in ADD NEW and let it empy and then save the worit like default, that works perfectly for me.

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    Galiano says:

    Hello! How I can do that if the keys 1, 2 and 3 are set for views in front, right and user? I speak from blender for Mac and it gives me error because those keys are already in use. Is there any way to know which keys are free to configure with new shortcuts? Thank you, great tutorial, and sorry if my English is not very good.

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      I don’t konw about Mac, but on Windows machines there is a difference between he munber pad 1 (mumpad 1), which selects the view, and the keyboard 1, which selects Layer 1.

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    Kentzin says:

    Hello, Nice tutorial!!!, I wanted to do that!! but I have some questions, if you can configure all aspects of blender is it possible to change the mouse behavior? for example I want to click outside an object and have my selection cleared… like all other programs… it would be awesome to be able to do that!!!… If someone could point me to that info woul be great!!! thanks

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    Eugene Kiver says:

    Any ideas how to set up custom shortcuts to axis constraints during transformations? (standard x,y,z). there’s a part of value which is sent to tranform.translate(), constraint_axis(x,y,z) but i can’t make a shortcut of it

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    Eugene Kiver says:

    And to make same hotkeys for UV editor:
    1. wm.context_set_value
    2. tool_settings.uv_select_mode
    (uv is instead of mesh now)
    3. ‘VERTEX’
    (instead of passing 3 Boolean vars use ‘VERTEX’ or ‘EDGE’ or ‘FACE’ or ‘ISLAND’ with apostrophes)
    (Blender 2.63)

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      Eugene Kiver says:

      Aha, that’s why nobody have about it, its true only when ‘Keep UV and Edit mode in sync’ button is pressed, when its not – mesh keys are functioning, but unfortunately you can’t have both (at least using same shortcuts)

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    scadoo82 says:

    Thank you Thank you, I have been trying to figure this out on my own for a good while. I have taken a break from working on learning blender since I had sat for 3 months straight just grinding at it. So I took me a couple months break, just like riding a bike I remember most of where I left off. This is one of the first things I was meaning to figure out now that I’m in my first week back to intensive training to learn blender. I have desired so long to learn 3d graphics, and Blender being free wasn’t actually my first choice, but then I fell in love with it except for some things I felt it lacked like hot keys for this. I may have been able to figure this one out on my own but I had hit such burn out frrom constant learning that my mind finally gave in and said I NEED A BREAK lol. Anyway thanks again

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