Tip: External Drag and Drop

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip we demonstrate the new external drag and drop functionality recently added to Blender. This feature enables you to drag and drop images and videos from your operating systems file browser into Blender.

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24 Responses to “Tip: External Drag and Drop”
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    Not sure if you knew this or not but in the sequencer you can click the little plus at the top left to pull down a preview window instead of splitting the view into two different sequencers.

    BTW thanks for the video.

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      great tip Jonathan, and thanks afalldorf I didn’t realize that either.

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      Guy says:

      Can you drag and drop into the compositor?

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    gilbert says:

    what the site sir to download testing version its cool

    thank you

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    Why it does not work with linux? I tried but nothing happens.
    I use the version 28714.

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      I have heard that there are some issues with this on Linux, but they have been fixed by now. I would suggest trying a new build each day to see if it has been fixed.


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    John Cardozo says:

    Hi, just a question: when I drag and drop an image to Blender it shows the image on the mesh but when I render the scene it doesn’t show anything. What does exactly Blender do with the image when it is dropped on the mesh?
    Thank you very much

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    Tobey says:

    Quite impressive, thanks for sharing Jonathan.

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    Paulo Bardes says:

    the latest build for linux (now) is r28717, thats sad :(

    I’ll see tomorrow…

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    Paulo Bardes says:

    Another thing, there is an addon that imports images as planes, its really good and easy to use!

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    Philippe M. says:

    saw this on BlenderNation yesterday…it’s a pretty cool feature, but unfortunately the 3D-viewport drag-&-drop texturing doesn’t work for me…my stupid Intel card won’t let me have realtime textures. oh well…

    thanks Jonathan! 😀

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