Modeling Feathery Wings

In this Blender 2.5 Video tutorial, I go over using the particle hair system to create downey feathers.

Then using the duplicates technique to add the longer feathers, as well as their texturing and a quick rig setup.

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59 Responses to “Modeling Feathery Wings”
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    Pierre says:

    this sucks i dont have enough money for photoshop. All I have is gimp! I dont see the fiber option so I cannot texture.

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      Andreas Bjorkman says:

      silly, of course you can you just need to learn how to use gimp (now, I didn’t pay too much attention during the photoshop part, what does “fibre” do? *Um, my guess is that you can simulate it with bw plasma and a movement blur set to a fairly high value, although I don’t know what result “fibre” yields so take this with a grain of salt*)

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    Sarje Rao says:

    I’ve been playing around with blender for a month and needed to make a swan that can actually fly… thanks for the tuto.

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    Auriel says:

    Hey David, I tried your duplication of faces and it seems to make the feather go on top the face instead of down, any ideas why this occurs? Everything else works great.

    I’m using blender 2.6a.

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    harry says:

    I am having problems when I rotate the wing after parenting everything. A lot of the feathers remain stuck in their position. It looks like trying to drag pizza cheese across the screen. I am using Blender version 2.66.1 After recreating the rig potion of the tutorial about six times nothing improves!!!
    Thanks for any help you can give.


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    rikka says:

    I might be wrong (English is not my native language), but the stem might be the rachis. But- shouldn’t a feather for flight be asymmetrical (I know that this distinguishes between non-bird dinosaurs and birds (dinosaurs) capable of flight)? Well, so exact might be too exact as the saying goes…

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