Creating a Cool Blueprint

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we take on creating really cool blueprint graphics. This tutorial includes using the Gears add-on, creating outline-only objects, setting up the World to look like a blueprint, and more.

Note: this tutorial uses a testing build of Blender 2.5, revision 28390

Note2: we are aware of the artifacts in this video and are looking to resolve it. We appreciate your understanding.

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46 Responses to “Creating a Cool Blueprint”
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    3dgeneric says:

    That was a good tutorial. I prefer this way myself for similar things like blueprints. Keep up the good work.

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    Keith says:

    That worked! This time when I installed GEAR, I did not have to hit F6. The command placed a dialog box at the bottom of the Tool Shelf under COMMAND.

    For what follows, the tutorial timing marker is just under the 30.

    1. I continued through your control-LMB-Drag to select the inner radii (base) to eventually make the inside solid. At this point you LMB click the “Occlude Geometry” button and appear to say: “I hit Backspace Colon Button”. At this point in my Blender knowledge, terminology is unclear. I know I misheard and misread your comment even after multiple replays. Would you clarify it?

    2. I am looking at your gear. You are in EDIT mode. The cursor is at the origin. There is a BLUE arrow straight up, a RED arrow aiming almost right, and a GREEN arrow aiming almost down.

    I now look at my gear. I am in EDIT mode.

    – Gear->Object->Display->Name->Box Checked.
    – Gear->Object->Display->Axis->Box Checked.
    – Gear->Object->Display->Wire->Box Checked.
    – The cursor is at the origin.
    – The axis arrows are missing.
    – The object name is missing.

    I go to Object Mode, I have orange axis markers and the name “Gear” is showing. The colorful arrows do not appear.

    Any ideas how to fix this?



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    Keith says:

    I have spent my whole professional life in design engineering. Everything there was 2D X-Y: drawings, photographs, etc. Video has done an excellent job of extended the 2D world into a 3D world by adding a temporal third dimension: X-Y-T. Photoshop CS4 has done a less than mediocre job extending the 2D still image world into 3D by adding a spatial third dimension: X-Y-Z. Blender extends the 2D world into a 4D world by adding both an additional spacial dimension plus a new temporal dimension giving X-Y-Z-T. Einstein added a temporal dimension to 3D Newtonian physics to bring the world into atomic physics. I have no idea where this is leading me. I am just trying to get my arms around the possibilities beyond the obvious 3D movie applications by learning how to use the tool.

    CAD is just one “unique”, familiar, and fun entry point: using Blender tools to create 2D and 3D everyday and familiar ME spatial presentations using a 4D presentation tool to learn the tool’s detailed operation. The tutorial

    looks excellent. That is now to be my next tutorial to work through.



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    Very entertaining and interesting tutorial. I personally don’t think that the imperial system is retarded, although i had a good laugh, when you blurted that one out! The imperial system is based on the number 12, which can be divided twice as many ways while still yeilding a whole number, than the number 10! So it is not as self evident as you seem to think, that the European (actually French, from the French Revolution) system is superior.

    Usually Blender is used to do natural looking renderings by building 3d models, first. We don’t think of using Blender to do schematic drawings that focus solely, on the salient design intentions. A simple CAD application like QCad, is far more appropriate to do simple orthographic parallel projections. However, this technique could be indispensable, if you use it to draw a more complex object, at an angle, such as a car or building, viewed at a 45 degree angle, for instance.

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    Eric says:

    Hi, I have 2.5 alpha 2. However when I hit F6 I do not get the pop-up dialog. Any idea why?


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      Hi Eric,

      Please ensure you are pressing F6 immediately after adding an object and that your mouse is hovering over the viewport. The operator panel may also be accessed via below the tool bar.



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    roofoo says:

    I’m just curious why you didn’t render using toon edges, wouldn’t that be easier than having to delete faces?

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    I’m a beginner & appreciate your tutorials very much.

    I got a problem.

    When following your tutorial on Cool Blueprint, I tried to change the USER PREFERENCES, but my Blender 2.54 Beta keeps crashing! Whenever in try to get the user preferences menu, my Blender crashes!

    Please advise me what to do. Thanks

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    MasterEric says:

    what do you mean by note2, jonathan?

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        mastereric says:

        Note2: we are aware of the artifacts in this video and are looking to resolve it. We appreciate your understanding.

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    mastereric says:

    cool tut
    i knew about the gear thing though
    but not the f6 stuff!
    also, to those watching, jonathan used a hotkey around 17.45 where is says ‘this edge here, and this edge here,’ the key is f.

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    mastereric says:

    30:00 you ‘are not sure what you did there’
    you accidentally subdivided instead of removing doubles.

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    Pierre says:

    Hey I have been trying to make an intro for a video and what I want is a drop of ink to fall on a piece of paper and then the letters to be drawn out by themselves. I have tried to use liquid simulator and then make the letters out of the obstacle object. I have tried to have a drop, drop onto a piece of paper and then have it drawn out with a curve but it doesn’t look good. I’m having a lot of trouble with it so if you guys could make a tutorial about having a drop of ink drop onto a piece of paper and then it drawing something by itself it would be much appreciated!
    Love blender cookie you guys do a great job, I just got my citizen membership and cant wait to see the exclusive videos! Keep up the good work!

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