Tip: Changing the Interaction Presets

This quick Blender 2.5 video tip demonstrates how to use the newly committed “Interaction presets” to make Blender mimic the keyboard shortcuts and navigation of other applications.

Note: this feature is only available in Blender 2.5 test builds, revision 28196 and up.

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15 Responses to “Tip: Changing the Interaction Presets”
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    Henri Salo says:

    Nice tip.
    Hehe, it’s funny how these things come up just after you think about them.
    Just yesterday I thought what happened to this feature, since I remembered seeing a screenshot presenting it a couple months ago. And now it’s shown here 😀

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    cganim8or says:

    That’s great! Hopefully a ZBrush preset will be made for sculpting!

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    Jernej Beg says:

    Jonathan again this is a very good tutorial. Don’t know if you saw one of my comments at the building unwraping tutorial.
    I would like someone to make a tutorial about modeling some building that has medium amount of details, like the low poly one
    from one of your tutorials =D

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    Le@ndro says:

    Nice add-on! Another interesting thing for people coming from other software might be the toggle quad-view (Ctrl+Alt+Q), that gives you the four classical views (top, front, left and camera). I found it not very customizable as 3DMax (you cannot change the Top-Front-Right views!), but still interesting to know.


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    thiago kolb says:

    espero que tenha dos outros softwares e ZBrush tambem.


    (sugestion tutorial)

    create DOF effect nodes editor

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    Tamir Lousky says:

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!

    As a Blender enthusiast, who unfortunately is used to and currently addicted to Maya,
    I’m REALLY excited about this!

    This might be the last bloody obstacle the prevented me from dumping Maya and moving to Blender once and for all.

    I can’t wait for the stable version of Blender to be released with all the amazing new features, and finally, the ability to easily customize the interface the way I’m used to working.

    Thanks a lot to anyone how’s been involved in developing this feature (and of course, the rest of the wonderful Blender development team)

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    r2d5 says:

    This is a very cool new feature but sadly it is a little bit buggy. If you are in editing mode and have some vertices selectet the rotation dosnt work. Where can one report bugs?

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    xoxol says:

    This is interesting. I wonder though if the Blender Python API provides means to activate a “window” on mouse click instead of on mouse hover as of now. I wanted to do a script to replace the tool- and property shelves with custom ones in separate panels in own “window” as I find it really goofy and cumbersome to be honest with them opening in a 3dview. But regardless, since I often lie down and have only one hand accessible to the PC (the other one is under my head) I’d be glad if I wasn’t limited to mouse hover for window context switches, and instead like for instance 3dsmax could use Blender with only one hand when desired.

    Anyone already very familiar with the API could not only make me and other blender users with similar needs happier, but would also bring in more users from other software where the window context is set through mouse clicks rather than mouse hover. Otherwise I will have no choice but look into it myself, which won’t be soon since I’m occupied with various things.

    Blender 2.5 is so much better than the former versions when it comes to the UI alone, but it could still be a lot better, cleaner and less restrictive to be more precise. I don’t for example see why there is one modes header (if I may call it so) and tool- and property shelves for each 3dview other than the fact that the window context is switched on mouse hover instead of on mouse click. The same goes for the per-window menu (in the modes header). I can only imagine how much cleaner the interface would be if things were a bit different, at least in my humble opinion. A postive side effect would be perhaps, as I wrote earlier, even more users from software where global toolbars and in-3dview menus rule supreme; habits can be showstoppers for a possible migration.

    Thanks for reading. I hope I didn’t sound negative, I, and many I’m sure, only would love to see more UI love!

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    sharif ahmed says:

    very very nice tutorial….thanks…..and please more tutorial upload.

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