Tip: Creating a Simple Studio Backdrop

This quick Blender 2.5 video tip shows how to make a simple drop-cloth effect like those you see photographers often use as their backgrounds to display products, etc.. The tip also demonstrates how to make the drop cloth follow the camera’s rotation.

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17 Responses to “Tip: Creating a Simple Studio Backdrop”
  1. Posts: 9
    janidotux says:

    So simple, so helpful!!!

  2. Posts: 53
    Paulo Bardes says:

    nice tip, the constraint was a good idea!

    @Thiago Kolb: Brasileiros na area, que bom!

  3. Posts: 66
    Mr Tomado says:

    Looks very nice, this might even top the shadows only technique.

  4. Posts: 18
    Wehrdo says:

    Thanks for this tip. I’ve actually been doing something like this myself, but instead of making it only one direction, I made it almost like a bowl that my object sat in. I had never thought of a track to constraint so it would copy the camera’s rotation.

  5. Posts: 98
    Tobey says:

    Neat tip, I’ve always been kind of struggling with presenting the renders beyond the world’s background color. Thanks.

  6. Posts: 44
    Philippe M. says:

    ooh, gotta try that 😀

    btw Jonathan, did you change your microphone? the audio isn’t the same as usual… it seems like there’s more echo…

    i love these video tips, they’re really cool 😀

    • Posts: 4218

      I haven’t changed my mic but I have moved to a new house. I have done some further testing and the echo is no longer there, not quite sure what went wrong this time…

  7. Posts: 1
    Creative King says:

    Thanks! Great Tip!!!

  8. Posts: 67

    I had a slight issue with this one. When I apply the constraint, when I rotate the camera, the backdrop doesn’t rotate with the camera as a single unit like in the video. The backdrop does rotate, but independently of the camera, making it unusable. Am I missing a setting? I’m using the 2.5 Alpha 2 download from blender.org.

    Thanks for the tip, though!

  9. Posts: 109
    Gary Parkin says:

    Thanks so much for this, Jonathan.
    I’d love to see more rendering tips to make my models look real.
    Some material tutorials too, please.

  10. Posts: 2

    What is set to make the camera orbit around the 3D cursor? I know it’s a simple thing and recall seeing it in the past but so far the solution had escaped my search.

    • Posts: 4218

      Just press the “.” key to set the cursor as the pivot point and then rotate the camera as you wish.


  11. Posts: 1
    J.D. says:

    Genius! Thanks for saving me loads of time.

  12. Posts: 1
    Levi says:

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