Tip: Spin Duplicates with an Array Modifier

This quick Blender 2.5 video tip demonstrates how to replicate objects with an array modifier in the same way that the Spin Duplicates function works. This techniques maintains the objects editability even after spinning.

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    Shivam says:

    Sir, I am expriencing a problem with this one. I have Blender 2.62 and when I do the same steps as yours it works but there is a problem. When I turn on the object Offset of an object, say a sphere to an empty, that empty turns into another sphere and remains in the default size, regardless of scaling it. For example, I want to make a simple cake with candles. If I set the Object offset of a candle to an empty to rotate the candle around the cake, the empty itself turns into another candle, ie. a cylinder, but the size of the cylinder remains default as what we get during the insertion of the cylinder. Plese reply. I am new to Blender. All of my settings in Blender are default. Please try it yourself in Blender 2.62

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    Thank you worked for me with blender 2.67. I was trying to make the recycle logo with the triangle shaped 3 arrows and didn’t want to make separate copies for the 3 arrows.

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    Ian Smith says:

    if I follow the instructions exactly. When I assign the empty to control the offset and switch off ‘Relative’ positioning, the second instance of my column object immediate sits on the empty. In the tutorial it remains in position next to the original column object. Using 2.68a.


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      Ian Smith says:

      Hi, here’s the method to make it work set out elsewhere in the comment. I hate when people do tutorials and leave stuff out. Bless you for doing this at all but it still leave me hanging and wondering what I’m doing wrong.


      It didn’t work for me initially but then I realized that I hadn’t set the object origin of the pillar to the center of the platform.

      For anyone that doesn’t know how to do this:

      Make sure your 3d cursor is in the center of the platform by selecting the platform object then “shift s” cursor to selected.

      Next select the pillar object and hit “spacebar” and type in “set origin”.

      Then select set origin to 3d cursor.

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    thednx says:


    Thanks for The tutorial!

    I have a Problem: i want to Spin an Object, as described, around an Empty.
    When i rotate The Empty, The object gets scaled (?).
    Any idea what it Could be?
    I just thought of something: is it maybe because I don’t have an applied scale / rotation on my object?

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    Thank you, Jonathan. Once again, you provide a reminder at a most critical time. If this were Facebook, I’d be giving you several thumbs up. :)

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