Tip: Creating a Rounded-off Square Form

In this quick Blender 2.5 video tip we demonstrate how to easily model a rounded-off square form by using snapping/retopology tools.

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32 Responses to “Tip: Creating a Rounded-off Square Form”
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    Aistis says:

    qool, I like it..

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    Hey Mr. Williamson could you do more videos in blender 2.49 plz.

    Thanks alot.

    Nicke Der. Out!

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    Ryan says:

    Here’s a faster way: take a cube, and subdivide it 3-4 times. Select the center vertex on the top face, and move it up along the z axis with proportional editing on (o key) and set to sphere or root. Adjust the amount of falloff (scroll with MMB) so that all of the vertices on the top face are being affected, and voilĂ !

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    purrcreate says:

    Somehow, this trick doesn’t seem to work in Blender 2.63. I’ve done it several times before and it’s always worked perfectly. In 2.63, when I click “G” and left click, the entire plane moves downwards to touch the top of the sphere but it will not deform to conform to the shape of the sphere. Am I doing something wrong or has the retopo behavior in 2.63 changed?

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      Hi Stephen,

      Are you projecting the plane from Edit Mode or Object Mode. In order for the shape to conform you have to do it from Edit Mode. Nothing has changed in 2.63 for retopo.


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        purrcreate says:

        I’m doing it in edit mode just as you did in the video. I even made sure I was in vertex select mode. I’ve done this several times in the past using earlier versions of the Blender and it’s always worked like a charm. I thought I was doing something wrong so I watched the video again and tried it several times but I kept getting the same result so this really has me scratching my head.

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        purrcreate says:

        I’ve finally discovered what I’ve been doing wrong! The addition of the “snap onto self” option beside the “snap onto other objects” button in Blender 2.63 had me all confused. What a silly mistake! I can’t believe it took me an entire day and countless tries to spot it. I wish there were a way to magnify the buttons on the header. Thanks for the help, Jonathan!

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    treetop says:

    so working on v2.72 followed all the way to snap onto the sphere. I tried both configurations because of the snap onto self button. Its not snapping onto anything. I am very new to this and working on a laptop. What am i missing?

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      treetop says:

      Verified I am in edit mode. Tried to find a non shortcut version to do the snapping couldnt find one.

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