Creating Hair

In this Blender 2.5 Video tutorial, I go over techniques for creating hair, and giving them textures and materials. The first is Mesh hair using Bezier Curves, and the second is Particle Hair.

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    deanna says:

    Hi, I just started using Blender a couple of days ago and I love it! Thanks for the great tutorials!
    I just uploaded my first attempt at the hair. See pink hair in user submitted images. I had some holes open up on the sides where I had been fiddling with it. The more I fiddled, the worse they got. I’m sure there is an easy way to fix. Please advise.

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    jaxhon says:

    The children of the particle hair I create just floats in the air. What happened to make it do that?

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    aliseoz says:

    Hi!! I was trying to add the bezier curve but when I type addCurve it’s like it doesn’t exist therefore i can’t add the bezier curve.
    I am using version 2.66 what is the short key for that version? Is there a menu where I can find that tool?

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    Ivan Rai says:

    Hey for some reason i cant add any hair to the top of my head so it looks like i have a bald spot. Any ideas to fix it? THx in advance

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