Working with Shapekey Drivers

In this Blender 2.5 video tutorial we will be going over creating shape keys, and then talk on how to apply drivers to the shapekeys so that the armature can control the them.

Homework: After completing the video, I noticed that if you rotate the arm beyond a certain point, the shapkeys disappear. I spent a bit of time trying to dig up this bug, but if you are up for some homework, post your findings below and lets work to figure that one out.

Note: this tutorial uses the official Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 release.

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38 Responses to “Working with Shapekey Drivers”
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    bebR says:

    Hi !

    Thanks a lot David for your work.
    I have a suggestion, could you organize all the Alien tuts in a single series as you did for the Dragon and Game Engine ones ?

    I suppose it would be nice and easier for new users.

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    Nice tutorial.

    You Say at 7:03 you don’t know what the Numbers mean.
    It is very simple
    that is the expontezal Function from the curve.
    for exemple the standart values
    y = 0 + 1x

    that means if your rotation at 45 degrees

    y = 0 + 1*45
    y = 45

    shapekeyvalue = 45

    whits the modifikation to -5 of the second value means
    y = 0 + -5*45
    y = -225

    (but I am not sure if blender really works with degrees)

    the PolyCount means howmany x values exsist

    that means you could maka nice curves

    like you would that the curve came back to Zero 3 Times
    at frame 2, 10 and 15
    P1(2/0) P2(10/0) P3(15/0)
    (normaly we coud stop at this point and change the generator methode from expanded to factorised and type in 1 one to one)
    or you multyplied it out to
    y= 1x³-15x²-12x²+180x+20x-300
    y= 1x³-17x²+300x-300

    in clear speech 1 Polycount 1 zeroPoint = straight line, 2 Polycount 2 Zeropoint a curve, …

    I Hope i could help a lidle bit and dosent make to many Math (and I Hope I done the Math right)

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    Keevee09 says:

    Nice tutorial. And the comments are also very helpful. Great communal effort!

  4. Posts: 4
    Martin says:

    It seems as if I can’t add a driver as you do at 4:45. =(

  5. Posts: 1
    indsomi4 says:

    amaizing!! i like it for tutorial another frends!!

    thanks to admin and creators..]

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