Learning Basic Animation and a Walk Cycle

In this Blender video tutorial, I go over some basic animation, and then into how to do a general walk cycle. I also show you how to use the NLA (non-linear action) editor to loop the walk cycle, and then combine these two animations.

Note from David: The NLA editor stands for Non-Linear Action editor, not “animation” as mentioned in the video.

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45 Responses to “Learning Basic Animation and a Walk Cycle”
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    ark says:

    awesome tut mr ward but i do have a question…i got 2 animations now…idle and walking…how do i mkae a scene to were he walks up..idles..and then continues walking?n e info on this would be epicly helpful :)..i guess to put it simple how do i go from one animation in to the other

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    Joe Shmoe says:

    Is there any way to apply offset to a cycle the way I could in 2.4?

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    earlillo says:

    hi david,

    thanks for your tuts! they helped me a lot.

    one question about actions: is it possible to turn animations in the dopesheet into an action??
    or do I always have to start the animation directly in action mode?


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    Okay, great tutorial but umm…is he going to be walking in place? The reason I ask is because I need to learn how to have my character standing around, then start walking on a nurbs path. Any suggestions?

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    joao victor says:

    i start be used the blender on 2 years ago, but ever all i know i learn on blender cookie, , inned on tutorial about how create trees realistics, bye and very thanks to ever all you be doing for blender

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    Gosh damn says:

    Hey, i was wondering if anybody has a decent tutorial on how to do weather related things like tornadoes, lightning and supercell clouds. Im a big extreme thunderstorm geek and would like to create an animation of a monster wedge tornado tearing up the landscape, while bolts of lightning strike all around. Well, i can probably do the lightning easier in sony vegas since i use it to cheat a lot of my particle effects and light ray based objects.

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    Great stuff, especially how to make and use actions. There is nowhere near enough documentation for animation editors, this was really helpful.

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    Great tutorial I learned much from it. But I found a strange problem and I dont really know what to do about it. I created a character, textured it, rigged and create few animations. After that I decided to change a texture of one of the character elements. So I turned off automatic keyframe insertion and add some textures. After that all my animations looks exactly the same as the one that was turned on when I added a texture. No matter keyframes are different (from what I can see on the dopeSheeet). If I switch from Idle to run for example, it always plays idle. What do I miss?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi nice tuts.I just love them.One question how can i make my character walk in place for game.I already animated him to make one step forward.How can in make him now do it in place?Thank you.

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    Daniel says:

    Very helpful, thanks 😀

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    Anim1 says:

    If have a problem with setting the walkcycle to frame 1-29. (Min. 28-30) . If i scroll thrue the animation manually it works perfectly. but if i play the animation it has a really huge mistake at frame one where it lokks like if it plays the same 2 frames about 4 times…what did i do wrong?

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    Bro, your understanding of the software is rivaled only by your colleagues @ blendercookie. That notwithstanding, if you’ll accept some well-meant criticism:

    I’m the kind of learner that often looks for specific information. For me, it’s really hard to listen to you figure out how you want to do your (insert point of tutorial here) as you record the tutorial. You tend to mumble to yourself. When I hear that, I begin passive listening. I’ve caught this happening. All of a sudden, you do a hella important thing but it’s in the midst of all this mumbling and I have to scroll back to figure out what it is.

    It’d be one thing if you didn’t often say things like “one thing I forgot to do”. Or, even better, if you had your screencapture set to display keystrokes.

    Just a thought.

    Otherwise, excellent job; thanks for what you do (I pay so it’s weird to say thanks but shit, thanks anyway).

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