Tip: Creating Stable Noise Textures for Animation

In this quick tip, we’ll take a look at how to easily create a procedural noise texture that’s stable during animation, unlike the default “Noise” procedural texture that’s available in Blender.

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9 Responses to “Tip: Creating Stable Noise Textures for Animation”
  1. Posts: 98
    Tobey says:

    Nice and useful! Had no idea these procedural textures’ behavior differed this way when animated. Thanks.

  2. Posts: 95
    Solineoz says:

    Great tip. Can be use in both ways.
    Thanks Kernon :)

  3. Posts: 2
    kivig says:

    Some limitations, but you can bake it.

  4. Posts: 2
    gr8 says:

    It’s always better to use other procedurals instead of standard noise cause its’ not adjustable-flexible.

  5. Posts: 61
    Nixon says:

    that was very interesting and helpful to know..its something a start-off usually doesnt think of in first place..but its important and great to know about this technique…
    much appreciation for sharing your skills :)

  6. Posts: 5
    Michael Fink says:

    This helps explain some of the jittery-ness I was getting in my procedural textures during animating. Thank you for doing this tip, it will help enhance my animated textures!

  7. Posts: 16
    norvman says:

    I still get a lot of crawlies with procedural textures as they fade into the distance on say like a ground plane. Any easy fixes for this in Blender?

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