2009 CG Cookie Year In Review

CG Cookie started out in October of 2008 as just a few pages of a Word Press installation and 2-3 tutorials to start. Today we have 2 main education sites, over 100 streaming video lessons and this number is growing each week. Over this past year we have been able to launch new features, new sites and new programs to position CG Cookie as a solid world wide CG Education resource. In addition with our success we have been able to donate over 1200.00 USD to the Blender Foundation, and recently 50 USD to the Blender BMesh development.

None of this would have happened without all of your support. Below are some of the accomplishments you have enabled us to achieve. We don’t say this lightly as this site would not be here without the direct support from you. Either by viewing our education, passing it around, purchasing our source files, posting it on social networks, or by becoming a Citizen Member. All of this directly allows us to spend more time developing the site, commissioning additional authors and thinking up new ways to delivery more education to your local computer screens.

Citizen Program

Just over a month ago we were finally able to launch our Citizen program. I say “finally” because this is something I had always in the back of my mind since the inception of CG Cookie. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we now have over 90 subscribers! This really helps keep our site online from month to month and hopefully as you have noticed it has allowed us to commission more education from our authors. In December alone we rocked out 14 tutorials, 3 Exclusives and continued to provide free models and textures to the community.

Blender 2.5 Training Series

Craving to be one of the first ones out of the gates with a complete education series on the much anticipated release of Blender 2.5, Jonathan and I have been preparing, organizing and working on our Blender 2.5 Training series. This series has received humbling early support from the community with over 200 pre-orders! This has allowed us to donate directly back to the foundation for further development and help support the crew on the Durian project. Although, 2.5 alpha0 is out, our training will be released on the alpha1 build based on the direct recommendation from the Blender Foundation. Alpha 1 is set to be the first document ready build and is when we will be officially recording our series. However, in order to help ease the wait, and to thank pre-subscribers for diving in with us, we have been releasing small pre-series training to all early subscribers.


Max Cookie

CG Cookie was initially founded by offering 3D Studio Max Education, and following the lead of Blender Cookie, Max Cookie was rolled out of the hanger deck. Backed by the talented 3D artist, Alessandro Cangelosi Max Cookie has quite a few streaming video tutorials, most of these tackling the FX world of sea shaders, reactor and general shader development. We also have several written tutorials and resource articles.


Blender Cookie

About 6 months ago we started to realize that CG Cookie ( traffic was increasing from month to month, and about 50% of this traffic was by users clicking on Blender education. Recognizing this we decided to conceive Blender Cookie (, and were able to kick this one out the door this past October. Backed by the talent of Jonathan Williamson, Blender Cookie has seen a very humbling beginning. Jonathan has been keeping an eye on this project and is the guy hitting refresh every 10mins to answer new comments that comes in while he is doing his daily tasks. Being a site that is only 3 months old, technically, it is now receiving roughly 3-4k unique artists daily, and producing more response than we had ever hoped.

Goals for 2010

  • Continue the pace of education release to the public of free video streaming education
  • Sponsor and become more involved in community events.
  • Continue to increase the value of our citizen membership by the addition of more source files, exclusive education and content.
  • Bring on additional talent to the team to help maintain the site and develop more user friendly functionality. *Junior Editor and Web Developer

With all of the above going on, we are now spending full-time hours on the sites to keep them rolling. Though we must still retain our day jobs, contract gigs to keep our rent and mortgage paid. Your support is directly feeding this beast and is making 2010 a very promising year. Who knows, maybe we can do this for our day jobs one of these years. :)

Have a rockin new year and we will see you on the other side!

CG Cookie Crew

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16 Responses to “2009 CG Cookie Year In Review”
  1. Posts: 66
    Mr Tomado says:

    Awesome. I just want to thank you guys for giving such a awesome website. I can’t wait to see some more new instructors :)

  2. Posts: 49
    troyaaron says:

    You guys have helped me out so much, as you have helped many. Thanks so much. Please keep up the great work…its really appreciated.

  3. Posts: 98
    Tobey says:

    Nice overview of the achievements, well deserved, to be noted. Thanks for all the great resources and see you in 2010. GL :-)

  4. Posts: 13
    Pascal P. says:

    Congrats to CG Cookie crew, and may the Force be with you all in 2010! 😉

  5. Posts: 32
    Joe Christie says:

    I think you forgot to add that all of us are blendercookie addicts as well. I get a nervous twitch if I can’t get on blendercookie at least once a day to check out if there are any new articles or tutorials.

    This site is seriously one of the top 5 must go to sites when I daily checks for any tech/blender related sites.

    Thank you all at the blendercookie team. Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store!!!

  6. Posts: 95
    Solineoz says:

    Pretty nice achievement done by the cgcookie’s team.
    Real proof of their investments in the community, with articles, tutorials, talented instructors, etc…
    There is no secret for the success, feed your citizens with the best meals you can and they’ll spread the word around them :)
    They keep growing up, every times I come here with nice stuffs.

  7. Posts: 6
    Joe Hultgren says:

    I have definitely learned the most from the cg cookie family of sites over the past year compared to anything else i’ve found in 2009. Keep up the good work in 2010.

    P.S. I like the numbers that are labele as “X” rather than as their real numbers in this article

  8. Posts: 40
    corniger says:

    Woooohooo 😀
    My first PayPal payment ever went to the Cookie almost 1 year ago. Since then I tried every single fix available here and I never regretted a dime of the little bit I paid. Actually, and I don’t say that to get a brown nose, I regarded it kind of as my “duty” to support THIS site because it was the only one offering the quality I imagined, for very reasonable fees. I paid way more for crap and empty promises before.
    I’m also coming from a family of teachers, and I’m very satisfied – so props to you guys!

    I, WE would definitely like to see you guys goind full-time, as all of us addicts will grow with you – and what’s better than that? Huh?

    Let’s all help the Cookie become a pie! A freaking wedding-cake! 😛 Rock on into 2010!

  9. Posts: 8
    Thomas says:

    Finally a site with ambitious, but doable goals.
    I wish you all the very best of luck, and hope you release even more quality tutorials, like you already did.

  10. Posts: 20

    I really like what you are doing. I paid for the training of 2.5 and in section “Blender 2.5 Training Series” you describe that you have released some small pre series training. Where do I find those?

    best regards

  11. Posts: 1
    Funnel Cake Maker says:

    Good post, this will help me out a lot.

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