Intro to UVs/Sculpt on the Alien Character – Part 2

In this tutorial, we introduce you to the basics of unwrapping the UVs, simple detail sculpting, and the very basics of texture and normal maps.

This is meant as a technical guide on getting you started down the texturing path, please feel free to take these textures and techniques further on your model at home. Next installment we will begin rigging.

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38 Responses to “Intro to UVs/Sculpt on the Alien Character – Part 2”
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    Charles says:

    I think the reason you had problems rendering is that I noticed when you were in 2.49, you had the “Do Compostie” and “Do Sequence” buttons depressed in the animation tab of the scene panel.

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    Frank Moody says:

    Hey I am a noob so I am sorry if this is a really dumb question but I am stuck! I love this series of tutorials btw and your awsome.

    I have missed something or maybe I am just too green and its so simple but when I do the final render I get the alien skin color on everything but the eye ball? I have the texture but its the color of the skin. Please tell me where I went wrong or what I am missing.

    thanks alot I am learning so much


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    cody bang says:

    hey i was wundering when u were done unwrapping the models mesh. when you said go to script and then to the uv exporter
    I have been having problems with that part of the tutorial cause when i hit script to get to the uv exporter nothing shows up from the script side link or arrow like it dosnt have the uv exporter

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    Pewpewpew Kerplowey says:

    This is an awesome tutorial! Thanks a ton!

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    Jim says:

    You didn’t specity how to get the make track menu…

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      Jim says:

      You can solve the annoying problem of having to minimize and maximise a black render window before it displays, by setting render display to image editor after splitting your screen…less cumbersome (sorry bout my error in my previous post…besides it was just ctrl T)

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    Mads Alber says:

    I have been trying to do the tangent thing in blender 2.5 beta, but i cant seem to find the bake option… am I just bad at searching, or is it just not added yet, still?

  7. Posts: 2
    James says:

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to do the photoshop part in GIMP. Yes, i’m a cheapskate, i don’t have photoshop. :(

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      Absolutely; in fact you could use GIMP, PixelMator, MyPaint or most any other image/painting application. They are merely tools for the process.


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    I don’t know if this has been asked yet, but I did a search and didn’t see it,so sorry if it’s already been answered. For some reason whenever I try to make the detailed mesh into a normal map it has an error that says “feedback loop detected.” I already looked at Jonathan’s tutorial for baking normals for 2.5, but it didn’t answer any of my questions. What’s causing this?

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    Rob says:

    Hey, great tutorial!

    I’m having a problem on importing to 2.49 where my mesh turns into a wireframe. I can’t fix it using z and it doesn’t show up when i render it. If I add a completely new mesh to the scene then that renders, but nothing else. Please help!

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