Tip: Animation Curves

Animation curves allow you to easily tweak your animation and give you utmost control. This quick tip introduces you to how to access them and how to use them.

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7 Responses to “Tip: Animation Curves”
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    Darrell says:

    Great tip Jonathan. Thanks!

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    These small tips are extremely useful considering I don’t know where to even begin with animation. I don’t plan on jumping into it for a long while but its great to still know you have some resources. Thanks a ton from a daily visitor!

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    Manga Gothic Media says:

    yeah I was lost on this for a while, till I had to force myself to look at ipo curves the other day to get a constant mechanical rotation on a gear. This has certainly helped me understand the curves system much better thanks

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    Tobey says:

    “Very scary curves I didn’t know how to use…”

    Why does it sound so familiar to me 😀 I have actually tinkered with IPO curves a little bit some time ago but never got beyond the basics since most of my scenes have been static and yet, when overhearing about these every now and then, I thought a nice brief in-depth explanation would come in handy. So I appreciate this tip very much indeed.

    Maybe you’ll find an opportunity in the future to show off using these on an actual animation project..


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    Naomi says:

    This works great and is super helpful! I was also wondering where these controls were. However on my version of Blender (2.56a-beta) the hotkey for changing the keyframe handle is “v” (I found it with a spacebar search). Not sure if this is just my version or a permanent change.

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