Tip: Using Panoramic Sky Textures

This tip goes through the process of creating a sky-dome with a panoramic texture. The tip covers creating the dome, unwrapping it, applying a sky-texture, and some simple lighting and rendering.

The sky texture used can be found here, among others:

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20 Responses to “Tip: Using Panoramic Sky Textures”
  1. Posts: 197
    darth_gimp says:

    Awesome thanks!

    But you’ve sparked another question. The boxes and barrels.. I’ve been having some trouble pulling them into a scene, would you be able to perhaps publish another tip about this? especially for the boxes and barrels that have multiple pieces.

    Thanks again!

  2. Posts: 15
    floso says:

    Looking great! But I get stuck at the point where you great the U/V map for the image. I created the sphere, deleted the lower part, and the top vertex and scaled a new extrude back in and z-axis up. Everything no problem. Hit v and it worked but it didn’t look like the tutorial so I redid the sphere but now every time I hit v I get “Can’t preforme ripping with faces selected this was”. Well it’s an error thats for sure but I cannot figure out whats wrong with the mesh. Redone it several times with a new object but no luck. What’s the problem? Thanks for your help.

  3. Posts: 15
    floso says:

    Ah I’m stupid! Pressed the wrong shortcut. Just ignore the post. Sorry! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Posts: 7
    Shiretoko says:

    Great tip video, and the result is very nice.

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    Aleksi Grรถn says:

    I usually just apply those kind of textures as world textures. Just load the texture in to the world tab, enable real, sphere and hori, disable blend. The only problem with this method is that you can’t get the texture to continue below the horizon. I couldn’t anyway. You can use a background color which matches the bottom of the texture, but it isn’t always the same color the whole way. It’s only a small problem and I thought I’d share this tip with you.

    • Posts: 9
      Carlos Henrique says:

      I’m used to do the same as Aleksi. Setting panoramic sky textures as sphere maps to the world’s enviroment. I would like to know from Jonathan what’s the best method an why… is there any major difference on render results or it’s just a different way to do it?
      Thanks a lot.

  6. Posts: 98
    Tobey says:

    Another snack-size lesson detailing some formerly seen methods… good thing that you made this tip a little longer to cover the issue completely. Thanks Jonathan, more of these ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Posts: 5
    john caldwell says:

    Is it possible to download this video?

  8. Posts: 3
    david parker says:

    If I remember correctly there is a a way of rendering out sky boxes using panoramic skys within Blender. That might be a nice follow up tutorial to this.

  9. Posts: 1
    Klaas says:

    can’t find this vid at the source section

  10. Posts: 10
    ninjabuntu says:

    never come out as nice and neat as your does. it always peaks at the top of the UV where the top of the sphere is

    See: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y65/NinjaKrow/BlenderRender/Skydome_UV.png

    I follow the instructions up to that point where blender 249.2 fails to make anything like your. I don’t get it. what am I doing wrong? none of the verts at the top are merged, and I project Sphere from view just like you did. I’m getting a bit frustrated, but I’m sure it’s something I’m just not doing right…

  11. Posts: 2
    Robert C. Daugherty says:

    Curious, How did you get the UV to update live onto the mesh? The strangest thing is you seem to be doing it without even being in texture mode in the viewport. I’ve been looking around for awhile and haven’t found anyway of being able to do this… Any help?

  12. Posts: 7
    Harald Heide Gundersen says:

    Didn’t get the period scaling to scale from cursor thingie to work in 2.5 but then again you can use the scale along the X axcis only to easier get your mapping right without having to scale the sphere…. :-)

  13. Posts: 7
    Harald Heide Gundersen says:

    Robert, in 2.5 if you set the viewport shading just right of the mode selection to textured, you should be there..

    S.G think you should be sure to have your viewport in Front Ortho (press 1 and maybe 5) when you do the U and then sphere projection or else when doing the extrude on the top after deleting the top vertex you should press right mouse button to cancel extruded movement beofre scaling in on top.

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    commission cheat review says:

    ownage i. taking. completely bank

  15. Posts: 20
    Jason Hayes says:

    I have to be logged into vimeo to watch the video? What gives?

      • Posts: 23
        lexe2012 says:

        Error: “if you have permission to watch this video, please log in at Vimeo”. No access to this video.

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