Box Modeling an Alien Character in Blender 2.5 alpha 0

In this tutorial, I show you a few basics of Blender 2.5, and cover how to use the box-modeling technique to create a full character. The box-modeling technique is a good way to quickly visualize the shape of your character, rather than creating the detail from the beginning.

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131 Responses to “Box Modeling an Alien Character in Blender 2.5 alpha 0”
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    Ben Kibo says:

    Hello David, i downloaded your alien character from the motion blur tutorial and found that the textures and materials were blacked out. please tell me why this happened. thanks ;P

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    When I use the box selection, I only select the part that I see, and not the part behind it, so when I use the box selection on the corners I only select the one corner closest to me and have to pan around and select each vertesie individually. How can I make the box selector select everything instead of just the front of the model?

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      You can either turn off clipping in the viewport header or just go into wireframe mode with (Z) when you want to select everything.

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      Rich says:

      I am having this same problem and neither of the bellow suggestions help.
      It’s when your in front mode and you “b” and box select the top right corner, when I do it only the front vertacy’s is selected, but in your video, your entire top right corner edge is selected.

      What we are ending up with is only the very front vert/edges move and the rest of the top right corner behind it is still square.

      This has to be some sort simple preference or setting and it’s really anoying.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks Rich

      P.S. Awesome video!!!

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        Anne says:

        same problem. still great tutorial (well, so far, i have just see the first minutes)

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    Robert says:

    hey could anyone tell me if there’s a way to import a character from one save file into another? like design the character and environment in seperate saves and then import the character into the environment? thanks a heap!

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      Anne says:

      ok i got it, the funny button. no need for further explanation.

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        Anne says:

        In fact i still got the same problem. i think i have a later version than your because my screen isn’t the same. when i choose “limit the vision to visible” first of all the aspect of the button doesn’t change weather it’s active or not so how would i know if it’s active
        and second i got lines as if i wasn’t anymore in the solid mode but in wireframe…
        It’s very annoying because when i select an edges it only selects the first one and not all the others below…

        i tried it in ortho view and it better but still not perfect, the exterior vertices still stand… can you tell us exactly witch button is on and witch view ? thanks

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        Anne says:

        ok new box new try : i finally manage to select all : you really need several elements :
        1) ortho view (5 on your key pad)
        2) enable visibility nanana : so that would be the button after edges vertices faces, important it has to be white : it means it’s selected
        3)go in front view (1)
        4) More important of all : use the box selection (b and drag) otherwise you’ll be screwed
        It really works now, and my alien head is perfect. you can delete my other post and keep just this one maybe,
        hope it helps !

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        This definitely helped me. I found that if “Limit selection to visible” is white (presumably off), you can also select all four vertices by using Alt-Right Click (can take a couple clicks, you have to click exactly on the front vertex). The key he’s clicking after selecting them is g (grab). Terrific tutorial, thanks so much.

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    Anthony says:

    Button near Vertex, Edge and Face buttons in Edit Mode.
    It says “Limit selection to visible (clipped with depth buffer)
    Hope this helps, sorry for double post.

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    Sounds like you just need to enter Edit Mode by selecting the Cube with your Right Mouse Button and then press Tab.


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