Exporting a Lowpoly Model to Unity 3D

In this tutorial we examine how to export a model from Blender to Unity 3D and import it into a game. The tutorial also demonstrates how to bake a normal map and a color map from a highpoly model to the lowpoly counterpart, real-time display of the color/normal maps in the Blender viewport with GLSL shading, and real-time updating of assets in Unity.

Note: Unity 3D is a free-to-use (for most things) game engine that is available here: http://unity3d.com/

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    The Blender docs don’t explain it very well unfortunately, but here is a reference that might be useful
    for understanding the difference between the normal baking relative to the tangent space vs the object space. Normals relative to tangent space is the familiar way of faking microscopic extrusions/protrusions to create variations of light across the surface. Normals relative to the object space, however, encodes information about how the mesh bends and curves in the world. Object space normals can be used to create curvature maps: images where black pixels represents planar surface points, and white pixels represent points of high curvature on the mesh.

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