Modeling a Praying Mantis

In this tutorial we will take you through the process of modeling a fairly cartoony praying mantis from a sketch. The tutorial covers the entire modeling process and some simple materials.

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11 Responses to “Modeling a Praying Mantis”
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    Mathew Silva says:

    Jonathan Williamson Thank you for the great tutorial! a newbie,i just started using Blender a couple of weeks ago!..(so much to learn!!)
    I think your a great artist and your tutorials are awsome!!..
    I need some help!..When modeling a character using two windows,(siede/top view)and using Backround images just like in this tutorial, something goes wrong with the AXIS!!
    Modeling the object on 1 window(side view),on the the other(top)the model changes in oposite direction that i need it when i extrude !…
    Could you make a tip tutorial on how to fix this situation!!…
    I would trully apreciate the help!

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    Chris Carr says:

    Jonathon, thanks for the tutorial. I have tried several others from different sites- all with varying degrees of success. Yours is the best, by far. I love the fact that you explain your keystrokes. My mantis came out a very slight bit different but very well done. Again, thanks.

    Mathew, I am fairly new at this as well. I had a similar problem when using background images. It drove me crazy till I was using a tutorial that briefly mentioned that the “Aligned to View” needs to be turned on. It aligns newly added objects towards the view (your view). You will find it in the “Edit Methods” TAB at the very top in the User Preferences menu. Here is how you find the User Preferences menu:

    Is the main menu associated with the “User Preferences” window type. To actually
    see the information, you need to click and drag the area between the 3D window and menu header;
    Roll the mouse between them and when it changes to a up/down arrow you can drag and see the “User
    Preferences” window.

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    Mohamed says:

    Very nice. You are an Artist!!!

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    Great Job! Like your Mantis! Yesterday I happened to take some photos of one, both in the bush i found it on and on my desk. Which I am guessing I had a very angry mantis to work with. Then today i find this oldie. :)

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