Creating a Reusable Node Library

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how you can create a library of reusable composite nodes. It takes time to create node setups, and often the work is repetitive, so let’s see what can be done to be more efficient.

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    Mike Robinson says:

    The discussion of “appending” vs. “linking” might have been brought up a little bit earlier, because to those who are familiar with the choice they might naturally be distracted by wondering, e.g. “-can- -you- link nodes as well as append them in this case?” (Yes.)

    One factor that can be quite important in a larger project is: absolute consistency among shots. When common shared nodes and objects, etc, are linked, “the shots look exactly the same because they are exactly the same.” The “down side” equals the “up side”: on the one hand, “you can’t tweak them individually,” and on the other, “you can’t tweak them individually!” :-)

    Obviously, I am not trying to argue for or against linking vs. appending. “It depends.” Both are equally valid use-cases, and both of them allow you to reap the enormous basic benefit of reuse and reusability in your projects.

    Great tutorial.

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      Scene consistency is an absolute must, like you said. For me, it generally comes down to whether I am reusing an asset or combining assets for one of many shots. If I am reusing an asset for an individual scene then generally append, if I am creating one of many shots then I link :)

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    Pay to download source?! pfft! says:

    Pay to download source?! pfft!

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    Johansrk says:

    Very good tutorial. Yes reusing is key factor to getting things done quicker. As a webdeveloper, I have made my own snippet library of code that I use all the time. So the idea is great for 3d as well.

    Your tutorials are always great KERNON DILLON. Thanks

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    Excellent tutorial. You have made the whole subject of nodes much more accessible for me. I have always had trouble getting into this area. Thank you.

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