Learning 3pt Lighting

A good lighting setup is essential to effectively displaying your model. Without it your hard work might as well be for nothing. This tutorial takes a look at how to make a good three-point (+) lighting setup in Blender. The tutorial covers the different kinds of lights within Blender, the different configurations needed, and some general tips and tricks to creating a good setup within Blender.

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15 Responses to “Learning 3pt Lighting”
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    This will help a GREAT DEAL.
    Lighting has been one of the biggest pains for me.
    Thank you

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    Mk12 says:

    It would be helpful if we could see at what height the lamps are. The top of my cube is also completely white, not bluish like yours.

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    Mk12 says:

    Ohh it was different in mine because I had ambient occlusion turned on. And never mind about my other comment. Thanks for this.

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    Tobey says:

    I’ve been having some issues with lighting lately and despite my lighting setup being different and simpler, watching one of these tutorials of yours proved to be very helpful and inspiring.. again. Yesterday, I struggled with lighting for about two hours, today, after re-visiting this tutorial, my lighting is nice and smooth in about ten minutes. Just what I needed. Having this beautiful video library at hand continues to prove very helpful… Can’t wait to have the complete Blender 2.5 series bundle at hand. Thank you for this once again.

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    Adrian says:

    Hello, great, this is top notch stuff, hope to see more.Bye Bye

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    callmeishmael says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I recently started 3D modelling again and instead of going with my now-antique software I installed Blender 2.49b. Learning the interface and creating models has been an interesting challenge, but lighting was a source of despair. Your tutorial has set my feet on a good path.

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    Merci !
    Très intéressant et très très clair ! (même si anglais !)

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    Jose says:

    Hi, i find these tutorials very helpful, i just started modeling cars, but i have a problem setting up the lighting for them to make them look good, any tips on that? thanks

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    This tutorial is very usefull, you can learn basic blender light’s conceps in 10 minuts, congratulations and many thanks. Otherwise, could you solve me a couple of questions about it. 1. Which hotkey do you use for rotate the light from the center of suzane (target object) 2. How you can recover the previous image, in order to compare the new and the old render?

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    Jonathan, great tutorial! Is there any way to bring in a lighting setup with Append? I have tried with no success.

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    Useful even up until now! Thank you so much for this useful tutorial.

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