Overview of blender 2.5

Here is a brief overview of some of the changes and additions to Blender 2.5. Keep in mind, 2.5 is still under heavy development and many things will be added/changed. That being said, what has been done so far is incredible!

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11 Responses to “Overview of blender 2.5”
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    Vision says:

    Very Very Very cooool!

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    Dan says:

    um…. i’m having a little trouble and i was wondering if you might be able to help. i can figure out how to save or playback rendered animations, ive looked for buttons and such but i can’t find anything. if you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    ill66 says:

    thanx a lot for this very enlightening promotional film 😉

  4. Posts: 18
    pressman says:

    F12 on mac just turns up volume, does not render. What am I doing wrong?

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    David Burnett says:

    When using a mac press fn key together with the function key.

  6. Posts: 4
    Robert Brinck says:

    sorry but what version of 2.5 is this?
    ’cause I’ve got alpha 2 and it’s missing a lot of stuff. don’t get it…
    anyways, great tutorial thank’s a lot!!!

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      This video shows a much older version of 2.5 than 2.52. 2.53 is also due out any day, which again has many changes since 2.52.


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        Robert Brinck says:

        thanks, can’t wait

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    Robert Brinck says:

    I mean, I’ve seen in other tutorials that u have the physics button like in 2.49 (where you can choose your object to be actor, ghost, invisible…) and since I don’t have that I got a little worried.
    thanks again

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    David Van Mosselbeen says:

    To close these viewports you have opened, drag that little triangle (where the mouse pointer change to a cross) to another viewport.

    Thanks to LOD of #blender (Freenode) for this tip.

    Very great job anyway, i like your work so much!

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    elynole says:

    Great video! I’m just getting into blender, and going back through and being able to get an overview from previous versions is a big help. I’m not even sure I would of touched blender with the old interface it had.

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