Modeling a Steampunk Telescope

This tutorial takes a look at how to model a Steampunk Style Telescope in Blender. You will learn various basic modeling techniques that may be applied to other objects.

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22 Responses to “Modeling a Steampunk Telescope”
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    Hi, thank you very much for this titurial, is very complete. I enjoyed doing it, also i have learned much of blender with this and other tutorials. Thank.

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    Luiz says:

    hi, thanks for all the great tutorials. i’ve learned a lot from you guys.
    i feel i have to tell that this video isn’t loading, at least from my end.

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    OShea Johnson says:

    Great tutorial… helped me alot with the basics…

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    Sorry if I am being too basic here. But how do you set up the split screen with front and side view. I’m still searching the site to see if I can find that. Thank you. This is awesome!

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      Chris R says:

      If you look at the top right of the modeling window there is a little thing in the corner you can grab, just drag that out and you get your windows.

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    Chris R says:

    I can’t seem to get my image to load? It just stays the brownish color that I made it. Any advice?

    Also, this is fantastic, glad to finally learn blender since I can’t afford Maya, and these tuts are helping a ton!

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    Manio Dz says:

    I’m trying to do this on Blender 2.65a, and I think that keyboard shortcuts have changed. At some point he says to press Shift+F for fill and when I press it I get some kind of a First Person Camera. Is there a possibility to access this another way?

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      Hi Manio,

      You can fill with just F now. Then in the operator panel (F6) you can change how the area is filled.

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        Manio Dz says:

        I see my mistake now. The shortcuts depend on mode, I was in object mode and should be in edit mode. Thanks

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    Ze says:

    my image on the note iditor dont appear when i render, how do i fix this?

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      Metalix says:

      Can you elaborate?
      To see an image in the node editor you need to have background checked in the node editor and a viewer node connected to something.

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    Scott says:

    Great tutorial. Seemed to take forever to get through, but when you’re learning something from scratch… Working with 2.6(portable) with a 15 year old PC. I did have a couple issues.
    1) Noir values whilest noding? I know the tut’s in a earlier version, maybe noir values are a thing of the past.
    2)Bump mapping? The sliders are greyed out, meaning I can’t use them. I assume there are tuts out there for using bump maps.
    3)Did this two different ways: with and without nodes. I can’t seem to get as sharp with nodes as I can manually using different texture slots. I would very much like to be using nodes as that seems easier and less convoluted. Any suggestions??
    4)I can’t get blender to render an ‘image’ to file, so I had to set my frames from 1 to 1 and render an ‘animation’ to a jpeg file. What gives?

    Jonathan and gentleman, I feel like I’m back in college taking courses (exhilarating), all for the low tuition cost of $10 a month. Now if I could just get my 47 year old brain to wrap around some of these concepts.

    Thanks again,

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      Metalix says:

      1. Yep this is an old tutorial
      2. blender internal? they should not be greyed out unless you have not checked the box next to the slider in the texture properties.
      3. I would recommend the introduction to cycles on blender cookie
      4. You render an image, then save it from the image menu in the image editor, otherwise you can add a file output node in the compositor.
      Hope this helps :)

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        Scott says:

        Thanks for the reply Alex,
        1) I realize this is an old ‘tut’, but I find them very useful in getting the concepts engrained. So, no ‘noir’.
        2) As I say, I’m half Polish, but not from the waist up :) Looking through the ‘texture’ properties I find no box to check or uncheck in the ‘Bump Map’ area. Is this feature dependent on something else?
        3) Cycles is a post 2.6 thing is it not. I shall try to download an updated version (currently using 2.6), but my problem is my PC is old and is currently running a ‘Portable version’ of 2.6. Nobody seems to know what ‘portable’ is. I must have happened upon it by chance, and now it no longer exists. Whatever the case, the PC kept fouling up on start with regular Blender. I know this isn’t your area, it’s a thing.
        4) So my inadvertent blunder was correct and I didn’t trust myself, eh?

        Thanks again guys; and gals if that is the case – gotta be PC :)


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        Scott says:

        Yeehaw!! Google is indeed your friend. Downloaded 2.66 from the site – DID NOT WORK…..

        Sooooo, Googled Blender Portable just for kicks and wouldn’t you know someone out there has a Portable version 2.66 that WORKED. I’m beside myself. My burning question – why doesn’t know of this? Now I’ve got to reset all my preferences (small price to pay).

        2) Still don’t see that check box.
        3) Will my poor ole PC handle Cycles??? We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll be toodling through the tuts in the order given in hopes of building a foundation.

        Thanks again Alex. If you have an answer to #2, I’m all ears (or eyes).


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        Scott says:

        Okay, I found out through another tut what my problem was. The check box you’re referring to was under “Texture|Influence-Geometry:Normal” Voila there’s happiness in Blenderville.

        Again, I thank you for your help.

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        Metalix says:

        2. It is under texture-influences-normal
        3. Portable is designed for older devices wanting to run newer features, 2.6 stopped working on old devices to make development easier for newer features.
        Only way to see if cycles works is to give it a go 😉

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