Modeling a Human Head – Part 2

In this tutorial series we’re going to be looking at the techniques needed to model a human head. First we’ll set up the primary edgeloops and then move on piece by piece from there. Upon completion you should come away with some good strategies to model your own heads.

We have the source files available for download for each lesson if you would like to follow along, or we will bundle when the series is complete. Individual downloads contain a higher resolutions video to take with you, and the blender file in the state of the lesson. Reference images are licensed from

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8 Responses to “Modeling a Human Head – Part 2”
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    Bob says:

    This is a great tutorial, thanks. There is one thing I would suggest though. When you hide the loop around the back of the head, you should hide the verticies in the center too. I found that when I was working, if I used the box select tool, I tended to get those two as well as whatever else I selected and it gets to be kind of inconvenient, so if you hide those as well you don’t have to deal with them at all.

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    Awesome stuff I tried following your sculping for making a head and ended up with 3 million faces this is helping much more to do a head I can eventually work with in animation.

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    scsa scsa says:

    Hey i just wanted to ask you if there was an alternative for middle mouse button! because in blender 2.49 you could use alt and left mouse button but it doesnt work in blender 2.6! i have a laptop so i was wondering if there was an alternative for middle mouse button!

    thanks in advance and love your tutorials! Hats off to you sir!

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      This works just the same way in Blender 2.6, you just need to enable “Emulate 3 Button Mouse” in the Input section of the User Preferences.

      Cheers :)

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    scsa scsa says:

    Thanks i had forgotten to save the prefernces! anyways i have 1 more question to bother you with! something happened and now whenever i press “B” i cant see the radius of the select tool, no radius or border lines! :( But i still can chose the vertices! it happened to me before in blender 2.49 and i still couldnt fix it no matter what i tried, uninstalling the program, downloading a fresh file but still nothing which is why i turned to blender 2.6 and thus am having trouble with the new layout! it must have been some button i hit, i dnt knw! any sure way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    jd- says:

    Thanks learning more each time. :)

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    lord.samoht says:

    This needs a link to the next tutorial, somewhere on the page when visiting from a bookmark.

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    fred braat says:

    Great stuff very well explained I am just suffering from moving from another program I had become very comfy in. I know all the possibilities just seems to take some time of frustration to learn all the new menu locations. Although You explain very well I seem to like to run ahead and do a bit of experimenting missing the focused attention on location of the menus.
    All said ( rather a lot) Blender shows great promise once i get more time with it.

    once again hats off these tuts are awesome!! thanks loads.

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