Modeling a Human Head – Part 1

In this Blender Video tutorial series we’re going to be looking at the techniques needed to model a human head. First we’ll set up the primary edge loops and then move on piece by piece from there. Upon completion you should come away with some good strategies to model your own heads.

We have the source files available for download for each lesson if you would like to follow along, or we will bundle when complete. Individual downloads contain a higher resolutions video(126mb) to take with you, and the blender file in the state of the lesson. Reference images are licensed from

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70 Responses to “Modeling a Human Head – Part 1”
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    Excellent tutorial, this technique for making faces/heads has made modeling much more fun and now I don’ have to pull the hairs out of my head figuring out where to put the edge loops and whatnot. Thank you!

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    aperover says:

    I have followed this tutorial for two videos (just about to start the third) but I have just realised that I made a silly mistake. I didn’t change the circle vertices (around his eyes) to just 8. I instead left it as it came. Will this affect my modelling and will I therefore have to restart the eyes?

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    agr8golfa says:

    how do you select the number of vertices in the human eye. in the video you were creating the eyes and said something about 8 vertices. how exactly do your select the number of vertices. is there a shortcut key to it?
    Can anyone help me with this

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    park seon says:

    i can`t download sources.. i`m already citizen members.

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    jd- says:

    Thanks so much very helpful so far. :)

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