Tip: Mirror Modifier

The Mirror Modifier allows you to create a symmetrical model that is mirrored across any of the X, Y, or Z axis’.

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9 Responses to “Tip: Mirror Modifier”
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    this is an old version ….can i find a tutorial for this video with the 2.59 version i will be grateful

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      We don’t currently have an updated version of this tip but all of the settings should be nearly identical in 2.59. I have added this to my to-do list to update!


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    i have another question…..i have finished geting started tutorials and i am going to watch the beginner tutorials but the problem i dont know which tutorial to start with….thanks for helping

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    chip6bass says:

    What I’m not certain about is: how do you stitch them back together when you are done? Found myself merging vertices one by one the last time I did a car model (it’s been a while since I last last did intensive work in Blender [4.9x, now I’m in the current vs], working hard at a bicycle project right now)

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    Omppa says:

    I’m having a problem…
    When I add a mirror modifier, it says: Error – modifiers cannot be applied in editmode.
    And if I apply it in object mode, nothing happens.
    What am I doing wrong???

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      retsidketsid says:

      I’m having the same problem when i try add mirror it says modifiers cannot be applied in edit mode help!!

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