Tip: Adding a Background Image

Update: this tutorial is outdated, view this one for more relavent info.

If you are modeling from a reference file, concept art, or model sheet placing a background image in the viewport can be very helpful. This allows you to use the reference as a blueprint of sorts, making the modeling process much easier and more efficient.

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13 Responses to “Tip: Adding a Background Image”
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    miranda says:

    This video is a little short. When i use a background image the side view and front view don’t match up. How do i do fix that? I feel you should have included that in your video.

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    Fabian says:

    Im trying to add a backround image in Blender 2.5 but it doesnt work like 2.49. what do i have to do differen in 2.5?

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      In 2.5 Alpha 0 you must first load the image through the UV/Image Editor, then you can select it from the Background Image panel. In any of the current revisions from http://www.graphicall.org you can load it right from the background image panel as you would expect.

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        Fabian says:

        thx i didnt even know what the uv editor was for

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    Hi, I’m trying to add a background image in blender 2.5 Alpha 2 but when I add the image in the background image box in the properties panel it doesn’t seems to do anything. I’m sure I missing a step or something, so what should I do?.

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    I can’t get background images to work in 2.49b. It seems that the views and the reference between them is wrong.

    I import the blueprints front-, side- and topview in their respective views.

    To get all images same size, I place a plane in topview and align it to the reference image. Then I try to scale/move the other images to match up, but now the front-image seems to have become the “back-view”, and the sideview is flipped. All is suddenly “reversed” – even if the viewports is correct as far as I can tell from their descriptions.

    I can’t even begin modelling! What is wrong?

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    Topken says:

    A lot of these videos are outdated since 2.5+ has changed a lot from 2.49. Would be helpful to get updated videos with links to the older videos for those still using 2.49 I have been trying to use some of this videos with 2.63a and its rough since a lot of things arent the same.

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    ashgutz says:

    This tutorial kept it short and simple, answered my question with no problems. Made the account just to thank you for providing this tutorial! Now that I’m here I’ll have to peep through the others you guys have provided.

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