UV Unwrapping a Human Head

In this Blender video tutorial we’re going to be looking at how to unwrap the UVs on a human head model in Blender. Including the use of seams and pinning.

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15 Responses to “UV Unwrapping a Human Head”
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    This is Great, But I have a problem still, There is about 20 tutorials online that show how to unwrap a human head already, what is hard to find is tutorials how to unrap things that need to come in peices, like a car, plane, spaceship and such.

    Not a box, or a globe, these are easy to do. I have models many complex things by now but allw ith out textures. I wish to be able to unwrap them and start adding UV textures to my models. I tryed many ways to achive it but I still can’t seem to get it right.

    Like your Crate you have, the tutorial that shows how to convert a high poly to a low poly using bake. how did you unwrap that and put it all on one image and make it look so dang good? what are the steps yuou take looking for how to talke some thing like a car, plane, or a space ship? how would you go about geting this done?

    I know you guys have plenty on your plate and not asking for a hand out. but I have look a lot of places and this topic seems to be the one I have trouble with.

    Thank you guys for even reading this much of my cry. 😀 Best wishes to you all!

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    mark says:

    i have my problem with my model.. when i unwrap it,in the unwrap image view the vertices are not welded to each other and shape looks like a triangle. and when i export the mesh there are some faces missing.. why is that??

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    Peter Draculic says:

    …this was by far the Best UV Unwrapping tutorial I’ve watched up to now…e-v-e-r!…( and it was quite many of them,trust me guys!…)…OK…from what I’ve heard,in the past,Blender’s UV Mapping system could be daunting for the occasional/average (and,hence,not so experienced) user,although the tool-set is,admittedly,a decent and really powerful one (those who know use to say…)!…so…what can I say more?…as far as harnessing Blender’s hidden power is concerned…I put my last two cents in for BlenderCookie.com!…thank you guys…really thank you!…

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    Tommy Norman says:

    Not sure how to get the source files for this. I’m a cg cookie citizen, and when I log in I can’t find the source files..

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    eljavaro says:

    When I unwrap it on a Testgrid there is some kind of weird white square behind my unwrap – when I rotate it around I can see the Testgrid – do you know how to get rid of it?

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      damrs.3d says:

      @ Claus
      You probably added some geometry to your mesh afert unrwaping it and need to unwrap again with all faces selected. The white square is just every quad or tri that you have that were not unrwapped properly. They just pile up on top of each other with the full size of your texture.

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    lord.samoht says:

    I must be missing a modifier…the image is not showing on the mesh. using 2.7. I built a model using your beginner tutorial, and now it needs some flesh.

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