CG Cookie Weekly Recap - July 28th

Each week there is quite a bit which transpires at CG Cookie. New education is released across the network, new renders are added to the gallery, all while the crew is working each day to continue to make fresh batches of cookies for the next week! It is easy to miss or loose track on what has been released, this recap I hope will help give you a regular, focused location you could quickly review to see what is new on the network. So what is new? 

Last week in education!

Quite a bit of education was released last week to keep you busy.
Blender_Rigging_Vehicle_Suspension_Preview_LG-2 In Blender a new course on Rigging Vehicles with Automatic Suspension by Chris Kuhn was released. This is a seriously fantastic course to rig a vehicle that will automatically react to the terrain it is animated upon.
3D Studio Max
Star_system_0000-2 Learn to create this Alien Star System in 3D Studio Max with VFX Veteran Alessandro Cangelosi
2D Digital Art Training
Exercise_Feature-copy Concept Cookie continues to pump out the exercises to test your skills. This week take on "Let's Draw Clouds" Brushesmarketingshort1 Concept Cookie has worked to bundle all of your must have brushes into single download. There is a free version of the brush pack, or a larger pack available to Citizen members.
Traditional Sculpting
feature-2 Jump in with film VFX veteran Henry Darnell to learn how to tint clay for a naturalistic bust. Traditional sculpting is rocking it!

Gallery Images

These are just some of the fantastic renders added to the Blender Gallery last week. Be sure to take a moment to review these artists profiles and upload your own work! [gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="107799,107800,107801,107802,107803,107804,107805,107806,107807,107808,107809,107810,107812,107813,107814"]

Last week with the Cookie Crew

On most days the cookie crew is fast at work with daily tasks to keep the cookie running. This can be from working through Basecamp tasks, website deploys, developing new education or brainstorming future projects. Here is a snippet on what some of us has been up to.

Jonathan has been really getting intimate with 3D printing.

Exploring the printing capabilities/pipelines of the Form 1 and Ultimaker 2, while having some fun printing some free downloadable planet surfaces from NASA jonathan-print

Tim jumped on an airplane to join the mass of talent at ComicCon!

It was great to see Concept Cookie rubbing elbows with the best of them. So many awesome things at this convention. tim-comicon

Wes was able to speak at a local college and collaborate on some new things coming to the site.

Game Industry veteran Justin Mohlman stopped by the studio to collaborate on a few ideas + Wes is showing off the Blender t-shirt to the Geneva, IL community. :) wes-justin

 Hope you enjoyed last weeks recap and see you on the next one!


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