Tim Going Independent

I am writing this article to announce my departure from working full time at CG Cookie. It seems right to keep you guys in the loop as we always try to be transparent with the inner workings here! 

As a small studio of like minded artists working towards teaching other artists how to become successful in our field, my departure from working full time at CG Cookie stands more of a testament to that mission. I want this to serve as an example for others to hopefully see not only can it happen, but it's proven. 

A quick look back:

I was hired at Cookie at the ripe age of 21, coming right out of college with an overambitious work mentality but with no real direction, biting on any concept leads offered my way. I first met Wes and Jonathan (the owners of CG Cookie) at my portfolio show and that next week was brought in for an interview with a tutorial test. Then 7 years later, I have grown so much and in large part because of this crew and their passion towards looking ahead and working hard to achieve those goals. 

My inclusion with the company started as a freelance artist creating works for Jonathan to use on the Blender side then being given a standalone Concept site to run and manage on my own. This journey along the way has been incredibly eventful and inspiring. Small companies like these are able to take risks and try different avenues and as Cookie was growing as their own brand and company, I was growing as an artist and as a person. 

Through education and teaching other artists, I was teaching myself (as cliche as it sounds). A lot of the concepts I would be required to teach, it was necessary to do research on my own so that I felt more comfortable talking about a topic. So when I needed to do an anatomy course, I was deep into looking at references, talks, and art books, learning what I could to the relative topic and coming to my own conclusion on what way to best teach these subject matters to others. It was such an analytical process that I should have done more in school and I believe is a key component to learning. And this is something I hope to leave you guys with that are still growing and learning as an artist. 

Where am I going?

I am now freshly turned 28 and the timing has never felt more right to continue forward in life as an independent artist creating works that I've long wanted to create. Cookie gave me the platform, exposure, and growing opportunity that I will always be grateful and aware of. So I thank Cookie from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on a nobody optimistic kid who wanted to prove himself in the art world. I have a deep respect for the crew and especially to Wes for becoming like a business father figure that i was always watching his moves and determination to push through the hard times and how he handled success with grace. There are too many life lessons and business understandings I will take with me throughout my remaining days and especially with interjecting that knowledge into my independent artist lifestyle. 

So while this may seem like a sad departure or there may be skepticism on if there was something that happened on the back end that caused a rift, I can safely say and guarantee there is nothing of the sort. Time is just limited for everyone, and that clarity has forced me to question when I am finally going to work towards my own personal artistic endevors and goals. And I no longer can wait for something to spark that change, I need to make the effort to take the first step. And you may just see me pop in and out for guest streams or concept pieces in the future. 

For one last time, I just want to say thank you to CG Cookie and the small crew working here for what you not only have taught me but continue teaching others on their own path to success. I will work hard to stand as just that another testament to that mission!

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  • crew
    Jonathan Williamson (jonathanwilliamson)

    Tim, you've been an absolute pleasure to work with. From day one. You've been a friend, a sounding board, a crew member, and above-all-else, a true inspiration as for the artist in all of us.

    As sad as I am that you'll no longer be on the team day-to-day, I will always consider you a part of CG Cookie. And even though I'm sorry to see you go, I believe going independent and pursuing your passion for drawing is the best thing you could possibly do.

    You're going to go far.

    Draw on!

  • John Crawford (vaculik)

    When I registered here last month, I didn't expect I'd be learning anything about concept art or drawing, but after watching your courses, particularly on color and textures, they left a huge impression on me and changed the way I look at everything.
    You are clearly an excellent instructor, and it's a shame to see you're leaving. Best of luck for your future endeavors.

  • Jasmine Wongus (jazze)

    That's wonderful for you, Tim! I'm so glad I was able to get some exercises in under your instructions! You've been one of the big helps for me and I appreciate the times I could chat with you, too! I love your work, and how you teach different concepts. I wish you much success and enjoyment in your next journey!

  • Trevor Burge (sircasperskull84)

    I am just getting to Concept Art, and I love your style of teaching. I hope that that you find happiness and work in your endeavors and that you know we appreciate all you did here!

  • Ryan Warren (cmdrfirezone38)

    It has been awesome having you around Tim. When I watched some of your videos for the first time I really enjoyed your personality and energy and just felt comfortable with you, I know that sounds weird since we are not actually with each other and it is digital, but I did feel comfortable. It was almost like I was watching him create a visual story and I was just waiting to see what twist and changes would happen along the way!

    I will miss you, but I think it is great that you are going independent and doing your own things, I hope you create and make some pretty cool stuff!

    Not to down the mood of all of this, but what is going to happen to the concept Art Section now? Are you guys going to get a new tutor?

  • Mary Fazzolari (maryshan)

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and good luck for everything ! I'm sure you will make it ! cheers !

  • Mike Zielonka (mikezielonka)

    Best of Luck, Tim. You will do great things!

  • Laura (tomato-cactus)

    A little sad to hear that but awesome at the same time -- I wish you all the best Tim, good luck in your endeavors, you'll go far! Looking forward to seeing what you'll continue making on your own journey :)

  • autumngoose

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration. I've really enjoyed your work, streams and other instructional materials as well. I definitely will continue following your work on your personal sites but I just want to wish you best of luck with your transition and any future endeavors!

  • alanfear

    Oh Tim! You've dropped quite the bombshell here :O Your wise teachings have helped me so much over the years and playing your videos in the background as I worked provided such good company too ^^ I sincerely wish you all the happiness in the world on your next great adventure. It's going to be a tough road ahead without the great Vonn to guide me, peace out!

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Go for it Tim. You’ve got passion and skill. You will do well (you already have).

    I'm just sad that I didn’t get you to design and draw more blender things before you left :(

  • Ryan Sweeney (sweenist)

    Tim, I really appreciate what you have brought to CGC. I dabbled in some CoCo courses and tended to be envious of the skills you have crafted but I appreciated the ease with which you taught and the breadth of topics you cover. All the best. I'm excited to see what happens in your future!

  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)

    Hi Tim, it's YOU who should be thanked for all what you have given! All the work that you've put in CGC these 7 past years!
    I wish you all the best!!!

  • Omar Domenech (dostovel)

    Tim_can_Visit = TcV
    Tim-can_Teach = TcT
    CG_Cookie = CGC
    happy-face = :)

    while CGC in range(forever)
    if TcV and TcT
    print (happy_face)

  • silentheart00

    Just as I was getting familiar with everybody behind CGCookie..... But that's okay. It's great to see a community you've worked so hard with growing and becoming self-sustaining. I appreciate the critique you gave on my half-elf Hexblade concept, as amateur as it was, it really helped me see what I needed to improve. I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for all your contributions to this wonderful site. Go live your passion!

  • Jamie Miller (jmill)

    I came to CGC when I saw your work online maybe 4-5 years ago. I stared studying art seriously 2 years ago. Because of you, I crawled forward and am now able to walk that path. It’s a road that both scares an amazes me, but I wouldn’t have seen it without that small peek you shared. You opened my eyes to this world, and I will always be grateful for that. What more can I say... See you later space cowboy.

  • Addyson H. (addysonh)

    Thanks for everything you have done Tim. I had actually stopped traditional because I was mostly focused on the whole 3D thing. It wasn't till I started watching you draw on your streams and seeing your masterpieces that I started traditional up again. You are very inspiring. Good luck on your journey!

  • Grady Pruitt (gradyp)

    I haven't really done a lot of regular drawing (either traditional or digital), focusing more on 3D, but I have been following your tutorials at least a little and have really been enjoying them. I even feel I learned a thing or two from your critique last month on my bedroom scene. Thanks for all you've done at CG Cookie and I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

  • Kyle Blaine (arcangel_zero7)

    Not gonna lie, gonna miss you Tim! I am glad to hear you're charting your own course though, as I aspire to do myself one day. Super happy for you and hopeful in all your future endeavors! I really appreciate all you've done to make this place an unrivaled source of instruction and inspiration for the rest of us. Your unique style and energy really added so much character to what CG Cookie is today!

  • Suchaaver Chahal (minifigmaster125)

    I think I've been following you since I found out about CG Cookie, Tim. And I've loved every moment. Thank you sir, and good luck.

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