Blender Course: Fundamentals of Shading and Materials

How do you create materials in Blender?

Without shaders, even the best Blender model will look, well...pretty washed out.

So knowing how to create professional shaders - realistic or stylized - is a key part of computer graphics.

Watch the Materials and Shading course now: first 4 lessons are free

Shaders and Materials = essential to any Blender worfklow

Because this topic is so huge, Jonathan Lampel, CG Cookie's modeling trainer, went all out with this Blender megacourse.

In 40+ lessons, this course covers everything you need to know about creating believable Blender materials.

And if the lesson plan is looking a little black-and-white, just wait until you see it all come to life!

With real-life examples, practical tips, common pitfalls to avoid plus a final exercise to challenge your newfound skills, this course is your ticket into a lifetime of creating professional materials in Blender.

What you'll learn in this course

  • different shaders in Cycles and Eevee
  • the basics of adding textures
  • the principles of physically-based rendering
  • how to render different material effects
  • how to create custom shaders (that are actually user-friendly)

When does the course arrive?

With 40+ lessons split into 7 chapters and a final challenging exercise, the course will be released in two parts:

  • Part 1 lands September 1st (published!)
  • Part 2 lands September 13th

Save the date: Shady Blender Livestream

Livestream: Working with Materials and Shaders

Jonathan Lampel, the author of the course, critiques your exercise submissions - plus, any questions you have about materials and shader nodes going forward. Be there on September 22nd!

To submit a question, render, or blender scene for review, post it to this topic in the Community forum.

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