Project: Art of Blender Update #5

News from the front!

I am happy to report the project is coming along nicely. Currently it is looking like CG Cookie will be submitting to the printer in a couple of weeks. Brian ( Lead Layout Artist ), has been working fiercely on creating nearly 70% of the book thus far. With the chaos of producing an art book, once could image it would be easy to let a spelling mistake slip in. To help counter this statistics, CG Cookie has brought on some help for proof-reading and a final editor to review the book before we do submit to the printer.

So when are pre-sales going to happen?

Pre-sales could be just around the corner.. wink, wink... so keep an eye on the site or our facebook page for an announcement. . If you are a subscriber to the Blender Cookie newsletter, you will be all set.

When will the book be completed?

Once the book is completed on the CG Cookie side, there are a slew of checks and production which must happen before it will arrive to your door step. Taking all of those quality checks, printing time and shipping to CG Cookie or the Blender Foundation in mind, I am "expecting" the book to be completed early November of this year. Of course this could flex either way, and the Cookie Crew is working hard to ensure the quality is there and we are taking our time in the editing portion of the process. Don't forget to sign-up for the Blender Cookie Newsletter or our Facebook Page to catch the latest news on the project.

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