Price Change, Simplifying the Membership

Recently we launched a brand new version of CG Cookie with the goal to provide an engaging platform and experience for you to be a part of while learning to become a freelancer, getting a job in the industry or simply having a blast at your hobby. 

Our mission is to go beyond being a training site. 

Yes, your citizen subscription allows you to access hundreds of videos, arguably more hours than lecture hours of a $90k art degree, but that’s only the beginning. Going beyond video education, CG Cookie is a wealth of resources: engage with us and industry professionals through live events, challenge your skills with an exercise, gain critical feedback on your work in the gallery, monitor your personal roadmapand more.

We’re constantly trying to make your experience better and to do more to enable you. A side effect of this, unfortunately, is the need to revisit our pricing each year or so. It’s that time again. 

After all of our research and testing we’ve landed on an updated pricing model that offers flexible payment terms with a straight forward offering. 

Simplifying the Membership

Previously we offered two different monthly options, with and without downloads. This was intended to give more flexibility but in reality it just complicated our pricing for customers while adding complexity to the site. Not many people really understood the difference between “Citizen” and “Citizen Pro”, or “Basic” and “Pro”. We’ve decided to go back to basics. One plan, three different payment term options. What you see is what you get.  

The new plans are slightly more expensive than their previous equivalents, $2 increase on Pro Monthly for example. This is necessary for the continued long-term health of CG Cookie. 

If you're currently on the $21/mo Citizen Basic you continue to enjoy the lower monthly rate. If you'd like to add downloads, partner discounts and live event critiques you would need to update to the $29/mo Citizen Monthly, your first month will be prorated if you upgrade.

When is this happening? 

The price change will take effect on November 14th, 2017. 

If you have an active subscription then don’t fret. Your price will never change so long as your subscription is active. You’ll only pay the new price if you choose to cancel and then come back. 

I imagine you have some questions, please post them below or email us. Additionally, I will be hosting a Live Event on Nov 15th @5pm covering Learning with CG Cookie.

Thanks for supporting the Cookie. 🍪

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  • dcwarhound

    I miss the basic $18 monthly charge :(
    At least the HD video downloads have returned :)

  • Carolyn Perez Hemphill (rostzwiebel)

    Being able to download the Videos and submit to the Critiques are two perks I wished I could do, so I'm glad I can with a couple of bucks more. The price and the quality of the Courses are really worth it.

  • crew
    Jonathan Williamson (jonathanwilliamson)

    rostzwiebel that's very encouraging! Let us know if you need any help upgrading. You can reach us anytime via the support widget at the bottom right of the screen, or via emailing

  • Mike Ziray (zstudiolabs)

    Thanks for what you all do! Raising prices is always hard and painful for both sides but there wouldn't be this great service without it, so I'll happily pay for the great value over the alternative of losing such a great asset to the Blender community.

  • killer-wolf

    no change for me, pricing isn't the issue, the lack of content i want is

  • Paulo Stipanov (dedunan)

    If you cancel a new monthly subscription and if you want to choose it again do you have to pay it again?

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