Price Change, Simplifying the Membership

Recently we launched a brand new version of CG Cookie with the goal to provide an engaging platform and experience for you to be a part of while learning to become a freelancer, getting a job in the industry or simply having a blast at your hobby. 

Our mission is to go beyond being a training site. 

Yes, your citizen subscription allows you to access hundreds of videos, arguably more hours than lecture hours of a $90k art degree, but that’s only the beginning. Going beyond video education, CG Cookie is a wealth of resources: engage with us and industry professionals through live events, challenge your skills with an exercise, gain critical feedback on your work in the gallery, monitor your personal roadmapand more.

We’re constantly trying to make your experience better and to do more to enable you. A side effect of this, unfortunately, is the need to revisit our pricing each year or so. It’s that time again. 

After all of our research and testing we’ve landed on an updated pricing model that offers flexible payment terms with a straight forward offering. 

Simplifying the Membership

Previously we offered two different monthly options, with and without downloads. This was intended to give more flexibility but in reality it just complicated our pricing for customers while adding complexity to the site. Not many people really understood the difference between “Citizen” and “Citizen Pro”, or “Basic” and “Pro”. We’ve decided to go back to basics. One plan, three different payment term options. What you see is what you get.  

The new plans are slightly more expensive than their previous equivalents, $2 increase on Pro Monthly for example. This is necessary for the continued long-term health of CG Cookie. 

If you're currently on the $21/mo Citizen Basic you continue to enjoy the lower monthly rate. If you'd like to add downloads, partner discounts and live event critiques you would need to update to the $29/mo Citizen Monthly, your first month will be prorated if you upgrade.

When is this happening? 

The price change will take effect on November 14th, 2017. 

If you have an active subscription then don’t fret. Your price will never change so long as your subscription is active. You’ll only pay the new price if you choose to cancel and then come back. 

I imagine you have some questions, please post them below or email us. Additionally, I will be hosting a Live Event on Nov 15th @5pm covering Learning with CG Cookie.

Thanks for supporting the Cookie. 🍪

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  • crew
    Jonathan Williamson (jonathanwilliamson)

    mmayathekeeper thanks for the input! Have you been taking advantage of the Questions section with each course to ask the instructor more specific questions?

    For our fundamental courses we intentionally don't cover a lot of details so as to stay focused on the essentials. You'll find the courses get much more detailed the more advanced they get.

    Also, if there's ever anything you can't find an answer to then please don't hesitate to ask in the community!

  • Christiano Rezende (chrisrezende)

    This puts CG Cookie at the same monthly price tag as Pluralsight, except the latter has waaaaay more content than the former. I know that now people will be able to download videos, but still... too pricey imho.

  • mayathekeeper

    jonathanwilliamson Thank you for such a quick reply ^^
    But as for asking, most of the stuff im trying to find out for the time being is 10x easier to just google because waiting for someone to comment back may take a while and when your in the moment of wanting to learn its not a good choice to wait, but in some cases i agree its a smart idea to do and ill take advantage of in the more advanced stuff.
    Also for how you said there is more detail for the more advanced stuff i have to say i agree with, the "Modeling Weapons for a First Person Shooter" Is wonderful because he goes at a nice pace and explains everything so far nicely, im loving that one.

  • Francois Leveugle (jazzman7)

    Hello, just my little word.
    I have decided to subscribe on a year last summer. I am just an Hobbyist and only interested on Blender and I feel that you have a wonderfull site with lot of educational content, and a very reactive and friendly team. However, I just want to make a comment on the frequency you are releasing new courses. Indeed, for the time being, I am starting my education and I have the impression that I will have finished, sooner or later to read all the content of the site. And the frequency of new Blender tutorials releases seems a little slow. Shoudn't you release shorter tutorials at a bigger frequency ? Could it be possible just to create just little tutorials on the go, with just practical short examples. (Just as example, the videos of Ray Marlot provide an example of what could be easily done more frequently. Just one example and the secret how to do it :). That is only my concern on the long term. All the best. Francois

  • reekje

    Where is the argive?

  • Bathsheba Grossman (bathshebasculpt)

    Hi, I was going to cancel (not especially due to the price increase, I'm just not finding time) and it offered a $14 "Hobby Citizen" plan which is not mentioned above. I can't find information about this plan elsewhere, and it's not telling me how it's different from what I have now.
    Is this a thing? What kind of thing is it? Thanks.

  • crew
    Kent Trammell (theluthier)

    rreekje We're gradually releasing our older content, including the archive, on YouTube as "CG Cookie Classics":

  • Wes Hovis (radicant)

    What's this archive everyone is talking about? Is there some larger collection of tutorials that paying customers can't access? I don't care about live events or exercises or gamifying my membership. I just want access to quality learning material. Can I pay LESS to NOT get all the extra """perks""" I don't want? (Rhetorical question, I'm sure we can't, lol.). Where are the recorded live events posted? I mean they *are* recorded right? It would seem artificially restrictive to make some material only available for a narrow time window.

  • Wes Hovis (radicant)

    bathshebasculpt Sounds like some kind of secret customer retention plan that only shows up when people try to cancel. Still profitable, but not *as* profitable. They figure if you're quitting because of the price, they can snag you with a lower prices, and them making less money off of you is way better than making NO money.

  • Bathsheba Grossman (bathshebasculpt)

    rradicant Well, apologies to CGC if I blew the gaff.

  • crew
    Kent Trammell (theluthier)

    rradicant The archive was part of our previous version of the site. It was the place we retired old content that we deemed obsolete and made it free to everyone. It's no longer available because instead we've been gradually uploading them to YouTube as a playlist called "CG Cookie Classics":

    Livestreams are recorded and they're accessible to Citizen members on the Events page by clicking the "Past Events" button.

  • crew
    Jonathan Williamson (jonathanwilliamson)

    rradicant, bathshebasculpt yep, that's exactly what it is. If you're canceling because of the cost then we'd rather keep you around than lose you entirely. We don't advertise the Hobbyist plan because it's not our focus. Our focus is helping artists become professionals, and a big part of that is through growing together, even beyond the training. This is where the Live Events and Exercises come in. If these simply aren't what you need, then no problem, but that's why we don't advertise it.

    The Hobbyist plan is streaming only. No downloads, no live events, no exercise submissions, no perks.

  • Laura (tomato-cactus)

    I'm SO happy to hear that the monthly subscription now allows download of videos and other perks of a Pro yearly membership :D It's really great news, thank you guys, cheers :)

  • Ernest Campos (ernestcampos)

    Not to sound like a total fan boy, but I'm in love with CG cookie. I've been a member since 2012 and can't imagine being without it. The videos are awesome but, to me, more importantly the learning flows and direct interaction of tutors are incredible benefits. Price hikes suck, sure. But /Everything/ goes up in price. I own a restaurant. I have to charge more for food when my suppliers start charging me more for ingredients. Do I give out more food because of the increase in price? I'm sure it's understood that I can't. But what I can do is ensure that each guest gets a quality experience and that's what these guys here do. If you're considering a sub or worried that a price increase will negatively affect your experience, just know that these folks have been doing a good thing for a long time, and, to me, that's worth paying for.

  • Brian Preston (brianor)

    Sorry but it is way too expensive. People really do look at value for money.

  • prucake

    I've never really liked the idea of 'Pro' or 'Basic' memberships, it almost sounds like it's labelling you with a level of commitment, so it's a welcome change seeing as the site has also gone the way of choosing ones path. I feel it's justified, especially given the quality of the content here from day 1.

  • Dale Forbes (daleforbes)

    Makes a lot of sense. Keep it simple. And still a huge value with the caliber of the CG Cookie talent sharing their knowledge. This business should not only survive but thrive. Too important to the CG community.

  • Uno Castillo (uno-castillo)

    I had some problems here. I stop paying my subscription mainly because the mayority of your courses are interesting but they are outdated. Some time I found problems that I never could Resolve.

    I know this is not all your foulst because blender changes a lot an really quickly. But I think that is will love to have some resourses where I can apply what i learn and not lear something and spent days investigating or trying to figurate which it is the new way to do it right.

    Out there it is Lot of free information, yes may be it hard to find or learn but as far i can see CG COOKIE doenst make the whole process faster or easier. Well now it will became more expensive.


    I think I will return if I see reaaallllyyyy interesting , complete and updated courses. By this time I just see some basic info, tips and tricks here and there and a lot of info that you can find else where. The only difference it is that here you have to pay for

  • Isaac Wilson (janesdiary)

    Glad I got the yearly service two years ago.

  • crew
    Wes Burke (wesburke)

    @noroth-t Appreciate the understanding and there is a new Animation Course from Wayne in production that I think you may enjoy covering Lip-Sync. 😎

    There are quite a few free resources to learn just about anything these days. It comes down to what you're looking to do, goals, etc.. CGC is striving to be more than a training site, we've got some work to do, but that is our direction. 👍🍪

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