CGC Weekly Blender Tips Coming to YouTube!

CGC Weekly Coming to YouTube!

CG Cookie tutorials are the meat and potatoes of learning Blender, but hey, who doesn’t love a little fast food every now and then?

We sure do! Which is why you’re about to start seeing a new series on our YouTube channel with quick, to-the-point Blender tips and tricks every week. Starting this Thursday, April 5! And yes, you have every reason to be pumped about this.

Blender “Aha!” in >10 Minutes

Each episode tackles a Blender topic selected by an independent, objective 3rd party committee (Kent Trammell).

Expect highly usable, drop-’em-right-into-your-workflow tips that will speed up the way you create. 

<Spoiler alert> The very first episode, coming on April 5th, will cover how to utilize a special set of nodes to procedurally blur textures in Cycles.

You heard it first!

Next CGC Weeklies will cover equally juicy topics like creating a realistic camera shake, optimizing your renders, or the best way to add bevels in Blender. We are rolling with high impact, 100% practical tricks that are easy to implement but not widely known, each presented directly from the CG Cookie studio by Grant Wilk. 


Grant Wilk.

*Passes the keyboard to Grant* 

“Hi! I’m Grant. I’m the host of a YouTube channel called Remington Graphics where I teach Blender lessons similar to what you see on CG Cookie. You may recognize me from my channel, my Blender add-on, Atom Bomb, or my “Simplicity Challenge” (#RGSimplicity) from 2017.”

Some interesting facts about Grant:

  • His favorite film franchise is Star Wars
  • He once managed to log 70+ hours of Blender work in one week
  • He thoroughly enjoys frolfing (frisbee golfing)
  • He regularly plays Cherrybomb at local parks even though he's way too old for that
  • Just kidding, nobody is too old to play at the park

One of these three images shows Grant Wilk

What topics will the CGC Weekly cover?

Every episode of CGC Weekly will bring something new and exciting to the table. Future episodes may include investigating future Blender features, awesome simulations, node editor tricks, or even Grant ditching his responsibilities to go frolfing. 

How are CGC Weeklies made?

Every episode starts in an ultra top secret spreadsheet listing relatively unknown yet useful topics. Grant selects a few ripe topics from the list, writes a script, and prepares them for production. He spends an hour or two shooting each episode in the studio, then takes it home for editing. 

Post-edit, it goes to Wes for publication and ends up on the CG Cookie Blender YouTube channel to be watched, trolled, and viralized.

Why are you doing this?

To finally achieve global domination.

Also: learning Blender is, like, really hard. There is a near-infinite amount of stuff you can learn about the world’s coolest 3D suite. Some of it doesn’t fit into our courses, or is so important that we feel it deserves a little more attention. 

Enter YouTube: the best platform for watching people who are high after dental surgery, 25 minute unboxing videos, or cat fails. And, of course, education.

In short: our YouTube channel is the perfect place to create more excitement about Blender and share nuggets of workflow-boosting wisdom.

Watch our social channels for the announcement on Thursday, April 5 and each following week!

We probably won’t be able to accommodate every request (“Could Grant give a shout out to my goldfish?”) but are open to suggestions on what topics should be covered in the future! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as soon as each new CGC Weekly drops.

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