CG Cookie's Space Program 2020 - These Blender Rockets are Taking Off

"SpaceX who?"

In 2020, we're all about CG Cookie's Space Program. 

It started with a course on how to Build and Animate a Low Poly Blender Rocket (including texturing it and simulating a launch sequence). 

It's made for beginners and it quickly caught on, producing a whole arsenal of space rockets.

Think Blender isn't rocket science? Think again.

Soon, we were over the moon when we discovered dozens of red-and-gray rockets packed with jet fuel and lifting off all over CG Cookie Gallery. 

This is a big tribute to our awesome community for coming together, building a whole space army and mastering hyper-useful Blender worfklows along the way. 

It's enough to make Elon jealous.

There are some fun renders from CG Cookie members. Check out the different character of some of these rockets

Rockets by VioletCrystal, Maclaud, Erik Salholm and Oso X

"I followed the tutorial step-by-step...the delivery was amazing. I learned a lot, especially about nodes and animation," says Oso X. 

It's so great seeing that everyone was able to add their personal touch to the project.

Now for Some Blender Rocket Animations!

Stefano Bergamini had a bit of fun recreating a NASA launch in Blender. 

"Yes, the rocks are alive and trying to capture the rocket!" says Karen Trevino. "I added in the HDR and the planet to give it that sci-fi feeling."

A small nod to history courtosy of John Moon

Check out the awesome customization that Chris Graham added to his final animation.

Aubrie Lee went all out on this one and even created a mini-tutorial showing the full workflow. 

Yasser Altamini's added a purple rocket to our arsenal - nice touch!

"This course was so much fun. Perfect for beginners!" - hooray! So glad you liked it, Ashley Hunter.

Asbjornhellan set his rocket in dark, murky space terrain.

This animation is by OriginalCharacter.

"This was a very good course," says Smalex

"This was a fun project and helpful for getting acquainted with 2.8!" says Thomas Bowe

This project was done by Luis

For some CG Cookie members, this project was their first-ever animation!

"This is my first attempt at using Blender, or any other 3D software!" says  Styuk.

For Scott McLellan, this was also his very first Blender animation.

For iblendit, this project came after a long Blender break: "I had some experience in modeling prior to this, but wanted to brush up since my last model was probably 10+ years ago," he says - a proof that it's never too late to get back to your passion. 

Upwards and onwards, earthlings

Who's ready to add more space rockets to our gallery and expand the CG Cookie 2020 Space Program? 

It all begins with the course Build and Animate a Low Poly Rocket in Blender 2.8

Take a deep dive...and get ready to blast off!

There were so many rockets submitted we couldn't fit them all in a single article and may have missed a few. Have you completed the Blender tutorial yourself? Link your results below!

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