Join CG Cookie LIVE: Blender events streaming soon

What is CG Cookie LIVE?

Our popular events which are - you guessed it - streamed live. 

Join one of our crew members (yes, CG Cookie is made by a real-life, small crew of super committed Blenderheads!) to ask questions, follow a fresh new workflow and connect with our awesome global community. 

What's so special about CG Cookie LIVE events?

Tutorials and courses take a lot of production time. But livestreams are pretty instant! This allows us to dive into the hottest topics, new Blender releases, seasonal workflows and discuss the latest events. 

Why should I join a LIVE event?

Learning online can get lonely...especially in the wintertime.

Our LIVE events are designed to bring the community together and give everyone a boost of motivation, inspiration and new know-how. All Blender-focused.

Active participation is encouraged, bringing a hot beverage highly recommended.

Who can join CG Cookie LIVE?

If you're a CG Cookie Citizen member, you can join unlimited LIVE events as they happen. Remember to book your seat so we can notify you when the event kicks off.

Non-members can watch the recordings on our YouTube channel a few weeks later. You can also browse all past CG Cookie LIVE events on the site.

CG COOKIE Blender LIVE Events Streaming Soon

[December 3rd] Welcome New Members - Getting started with CG Cookie

Who's this guy? 

Wes Burke is the CG Cookie legend who founded the site 10+ years ago as a WordPress blog about digital art. We sure have come a long way...

These days, Wes goes LIVE every few weeks to welcome new members, asks them to get comfy and takes them on a tour of the cookieverse.

Who should join?

Tune in if you're new or if you simply enjoy a VIP experience with the CEO. Learning tips & tricks included!

Note: LIVE events by Wes are notoriously B.Y.O.C. (bring your own coffee). Questions about the Aliens movies are encouraged.

Top Shader Tricks from #Nodevember (feat. Special Guest) [December 10th] 

Jonathan Lampel (our Blender supertrainer) completed #Nodevember, a Twitter challenge to make a new procedural material every day of November. 

On December 10th, he goes live to reveal what he learned and share his newfound node mastery with you.

Special guest: The great Blender artist Simon Thommes is joining! Simon is a master of incredibly realistic materials and will be sharing his know-how on the stream.

Who should join?

If you're a Blender artist and want to achieve amazingly realistic materials, this LIVE event is for you. 

Says Jonathan: "I'm consistently stumped by the amazing shapes and animations that came out of #Nodevember. I invite you all to dive deeper into it and see how we mortal humans can achieve such results!"

Bonus: If you see an effect you'd especially like Jonathan and Simon to investigate, let him know in the "Questions" section of the event in the next days.

Animating a Procedural Fire Texture 🔥 [December 17th]

'Tis the season... warm our frosty appendages by the roaring fire! And that applies to your Blender characters, too. 

Kent Trammell got inspired by a tweet (what else?) and invites you to create procedural fire.

No particles or smoke simulation - you will only use about 2 dozen shader nodes to recreate the material from scratch and tweak it to look like a candle flame and a raging fire.

Who should join? 

Anyone who wants to learn how to animate fire. Or create an animated holiday card that will blow their grandma's mind.

Creating Volumetric Clouds with Blender 2.8 and Eevee [January 14th]

The fun doesn't stop next year!

Kicking off 2020 in style, Kent Trammell goes LIVE to tackle the challenge of volumetrics. As he admits: "Volumetrics are extremely complex to calculate and sloooooow to render."

At least they were...but now, Eevee has changed the game! "Volumetrics in Eevee shocked me," says Kent. "I have to say they're quite competent. It's well worth adding this tool to your Blender utility belt."

This livestream will focus on a simple cloud chunk and then try our a larder "cloudscape".

Who should join?

Anyone wanting to explore volumetrics and focus on mastering creative cloud creating. 

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