CG Cookie and Escena Escuela de Animación

Our friends at Escena Escuela de Animación in Mexico are kicking off a new course on 3D Content Production. They have chosen CG Cookie as an educational  resource for the course and will be using our tutorials to learn Blender! [caption id="attachment_159337" align="aligncenter" width="900"] The 15 students joining the Escena Animation Studio team have been chosen through an interview and portfolio review process.[/caption]   Escena is a prestigious Animation school with focus on preparing its students for a successful career in the digital art industry. To integrate students into a real production environment, they opened Escena Animation Studio this year, assembling a team of select students who will be working together over the next year and a half to produce a teaser for a feature film. The focus of the project is on using open-source software, so Blender was the perfect choice for Mauricio Flores, the course instructor and project director. Mauricio is a successful CG artist and 3D generalist who has previously worked on titles like The Quest for the Jaguar Warrior.
The material CG Cookie produces meets and occasionally surpasses the standards we are aiming for, and the variety of subjects your library actually covers is vast and rich.
When selecting online education to supplement his course, Mauricio picked CG Cookie because of the quality of content: “The material CG Cookie produces meets and occasionally surpasses the standards we are aiming for, and the variety of subjects your library actually covers is vast and rich,” says Mauricio who is planning on documenting the course results and recording the students’ work. We are excited to see their progress and will be there to support them with our tutorials!

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  • gabrielagallegos

    Hi Pavla!!

    I'm one of the 16 students. I'm doing the Introduction to Character Modeling tutorial and is amazing how Jonathan explain everything. Definitly is a good profesor!

  • crew
    Pavla Karon (pkaron)

    Hi Gabriela,

    That is fantastic to hear! Jonathan really is a great teacher and we are so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Character Modeling course. If you would like to share some of your own work, make sure to submit it to the Gallery so we can check it out ;)

  • katiebell

    The familiar adage is words usually can't do a picture justice. In the portfolio audit process an image can recount to a story and become an example that shows by experts of what your understudy has realized. Coming up next are a few instances of the sorts of pictures that would show what your kid has achieved during a school year. Kudos to the team! well done.

  • Sara Richard (saraedward)

    It's great news for the students who join the Escena Animation Studio team. Undeniably, Jonathan is the best teachers whose teaching style is unique and different from the other teachers and students mostly like this style. I recently join the">resume building services firm and I plan that I will guide my team in this way which Jonathan follow.

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