Blender Workshop at Allen County Public Library

CG Cookie’s community ambassador Charlie Williams visited the Allen County Public Library this spring, running a workshop focused on Blender for 3D Printing. The workshop was designed for beginners with no previous Blender experience and Charlie’s ambitious goal for the day was to coach them to create their first very own 3D model in a matter of a few hours. With beautiful new facilities, the library boasts a computer lab connected to a makerspace, complete with lecture hall seating - and on this Saturday morning, it was full of eager participants ready to learn 3D modeling. Charlie kicked off by showing some of his Blender work and playing CG Cookie demo reels to demonstrate what can be created in Blender. Teaching Blender to Beginners After a brief introduction about Blender UI, the group jumped straight into modeling with Charlie breaking the process down into small digestible bits. “My approach to teaching Blender to complete beginners is learning by doing. I demonstrate the technique and immediately encourage the class to follow along step by step. Most people pick it up really fast! This also ensures that they stay engaged and motivated, as they start to see results of their own work immediately,” says Charlie who has been teaching 3D modeling for over 7 years. The day’s outcome was everyone’s complete model of a chess pawn, ready to be sent off to a 3D printer. At the end of the workshop, Charlie handed out T-shirts and Art of Blender books to the participants. image-140132917  

CG Cookie sends community ambassadors to reach out to aspiring CG artists and make the world a better place, one library or school visit at a time. Read more about our trips to The Illinois Institute of Art or Marwen Art Center.

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